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Aug 20, 2018 3:55:05 AM / by Zuhaib

Did you know that 75% of all online searches start with Google? Long gone are the days of the Yellow Pages! It’s absolutely essential that your UPbook business utilizes the incredible marketing power of Google. You can do that in three basic ways: through organic searches, with Google Maps, and with Google Ads.

Organic Searches

An organic search occurs when a person types a phrase into Google to search for information or services. Google uses a complicated algorithm with more than 500 criteria—those criteria are a closely guarded secret!—to choose what to display and in what order. So, staying on page one of Google is a constant challenge for your UPbook member business!

When your website is built to be search-engine friendly with plenty of quality content and links, Google will reward you. That means your UPbook business has a better chance of remaining on page one. Appropriate keywords are also important, as these are the most commonly searched terms related to your business.

Google Maps

When someone searches for your UPbook business on Google, your establishment should show up in the Google Maps section on the first page, complete with a location marker on the map itself. Make sure that your business’s address, phone number, and photographs are correct here, or customers won’t be able to find you!

If you would like to improve your UPbook member business’s standing in the maps section and show up above other businesses, responding to customer reviews on Google may help. Google’s algorithms tend to reward businesses who interact on a continuous basis.

Google Ads

When you perform a Google search, the results at the very top of the page are paid advertisements - you’ll see a small “ad” marker that designates the search result as an advertisement. That’s a Google Ad, and it’s one of the best ways for your UPbook business to capitalize on Google searches. You don’t actually pay to display the advertisement itself on Google; that part is free. You’ll only pay when someone clicks on your ad… it’s called pay-per-click advertising. Be sure not to click on your own UPbook member advertisement, because you’ll wind up paying for it!

Google Ads is a great way for your UPbook business to utilize advertising dollars in the smartest way possible. You may only contribute $10 per day from your advertisement budget to Google Ads, but it has the potential to result in a rush of new clients.

It’s clear that Google is an indispensable tool for your UPbook business’s marketing efforts. Put the power of the world’s most popular search engine to good use!

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