2020’s Lessons for Achieving Success Online

Achieving Success Online - UPbook

Dec 16, 2019 12:02:53 AM / by Zuhaib

We’ve seen a lot of success stories throughout 2020, especially in the online realm. Your UPbook veterinary practice can learn valuable lessons when it comes to engaging and impressing clients online. Here’s a year-end roundup of some of the great ideas from this past year:

Use Social Media Creatively

Getting creative with your UPbook business’s social media channels is a great way to connect with customers and really ramp up your engagement online. Take the example of a practice in South Dakota. A team member there got a new puppy, and the team used the opportunity to chronicle the dog’s first year on their social channels. They worked in a lot of educational material on everything from vaccination requirements and heartworm prevention to puppy training tips.

Boost Your Online Reviews

We all know how important online reviews are for your UPbook veterinary clinic. Most customers base their opinions off of reviews before they have any kind of real experience with your business.

A clinic in Massachusetts needed to grow the number of their positive online reviews. So the team hit hard on the post-visit email frequency and the content of those emails, and it paid off with 10 new Google reviews in the past month alone. Your UPbook practice can experience something similar!

Try Google Ads

A practice out of Fort Wayne, Indiana used Google Ads — formerly Google AdWords — to help boost their client numbers, and the tool proved to be a huge asset in opening and growing an after-hours emergency clinic. At the end of 2019, that practice is enjoying double-digit growth. What makes you think that can’t be your UPbook business?

Address Pet Health News Stories Head-on

We saw a lot of alarming pet health stories hit the news cycle this year, including distemper outbreaks and the Food and Drug Administration’s warnings on grain-free dog food diets. The way your UPbook vet practice responds to these kinds of alerts can make all the difference.

A clinic in Las Vegas posted about the grain-free diet concerns on their social channels on a Sunday night. By the next morning, half of their appointment slots had been filled! They took that opportunity to communicate a clear plan of action to their clients and hold a screening event to put pet owners’ minds at ease. What a way for an UPbook practice to take a sticky situation and turn it into a huge success.

What kind of online achievements are you looking for as 2021 ramps up into full gear? Your UPbook business can excel when you harness the power of the digital realm — the real-world examples speak for themselves.

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