3 Big Lessons to Catapult Your Business’s Success

Catapult Your Business Success - UPbook

Mar 11, 2019 7:36:18 AM / by Zuhaib

In many ways, your business’s goal always stays the same: to continue being successful and helping as many customers as you possibly can. To do that, it helps to constantly try thinking about your efforts in different ways. Here are three big lessons for your UPbook business that can help catapult your success in the future:

Schedule Like a Dentist

Dentists have long known the secrets to great scheduling; your UPbook business should take a page from their book. Schedule primary appointments in the morning when staff is freshest, and schedule secondary appointments like patient follow-ups or routine meetings in the afternoons after staff have had a break for lunch.

Set a daily production goal, and then schedule to that goal. If your staff knows that your UPbook business must reach a certain revenue number that day, you can schedule X number of follow-up appointments, or set X number of new-client calls.

Remember to keep your UPbook business’s schedule somewhat flexible; you can even double-book the occasional appointment when staffing allows!

Utilize Persuasion Principles

Using the power of persuasion allows you to show your clients that they want to do what’s best for themselves. Try introducing UPbook staff members in an authoritative way, i.e. “Vanessa is an expert in this area, you’ll want to talk with her.” Display diplomas or certifications publically in the waiting room; don’t hide them in a back office. Give customers a gift baggie immediately upon their arrival, rather than after—this helps cement the idea that your UPbook business’s services are valuable while the client is in your building.

Structure Your Story

Keep in mind that your customer is the hero of your story, not your UPbook business. It’s up to you to craft the structure of your story: that means determining your customer’s physical and emotional problems, guiding them through those problems with empathy and authority, and presenting and implementing an action plan for success. Finish the story by reminding the customer what failure will look and feel like, as well as what success will look and feel like.

It’s up to you to keep your UPbook business growing and thriving. Taking cues from the best in the business—scheduling like a dentist—as well as putting persuasion principles into practice on a daily basis are two direct ways to boost customer interaction. Structuring your UPbook business’s own story and making the customer the hero will change the entire approach of your team. Put these lessons to work today, and see where they take you next.

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Written by Zuhaib