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Mar 3, 2019 11:46:09 PM / by Zuhaib

There are plenty of social media outlets out there. Did you know that Facebook is still the single most powerful and popular one? For your UPbook business, the power of Facebook is simply indispensable. Use it right, and you’ll maximize customer engagement and book more appointments every single week.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways your UPbook business can use Facebook to its advantage:

Employee Spotlights

Use Facebook to post employee spotlights—perhaps during Staff Appreciation Week—showcasing each member of your UPbook organization’s team. Give a brief biography and outline what skills and talents the employee offers your business. It’s a great way to bond your clientele with your staff!


On the whole, video posts on Facebook get far more engagement than text posts or photos. There’s just no underestimating the power of video for your UPbook business! There are many ways to use videos to highlight your business’s services:

  • make simple videos describing and demonstrating your business’s basic services or functions
  • make “meet and greet” videos that introduce your UPbook business’s senior staff to clientele
  • create “success story” videos that showcase the positive stories of satisfied clients
  • make a “we believe” video in which each member of your staff states something great about your business

Existing clients and potential customers alike will see your videos on Facebook, further cementing existing clientele to your practice and drawing in new customers at the same time. What a boost for your UPbook business!


Have you ever tried hosting a contest on your UPbook business’s Facebook page? This is great fun for both your clients and staff, and it’s a great way to use social media’s public nature to your advantage. Try holding a pumpkin decorating contest during Halloween, for instance. Clients will post their pumpkins on your page, and you’ll pick a winner to receive a discounted service or gift card!

Flash Sales

Have you noticed that your UPbook business has a typical slow season or happens to have several cancellations back-to-back? It’s a great time for a flash sale, and what better way to advertise it than through Facebook? Try making a post that says something like: “Book your appointment in the early afternoon all this week and get a discounted rate! Limited time only!”

Like it or not, a huge portion of your UPbook business’s engagement now happens online. Much of that is through Facebook. Use the platform to your advantage to increase customer engagement with your business. Ultimately, you’ll find that booking numbers go up and revenue jumps!

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