Surviving and Thriving During the Economic Downturn

Economic Downturn - UPbook

Feb 24, 2020 10:45:28 AM / by Zuhaib

The outbreak of COVID-19 that’s spreading across the globe has impacted economies in huge ways. It’s a safe bet that your UPbook business is also affected, although most veterinary practices are still operational — for now. It’s easy to get bogged down with all of the negativity, but by taking certain steps now, you can not only survive this economic downturn, but thrive.

Here are some recommendations for your UPbook veterinary practice to follow during these trying times:

Switch to a Telemedicine or Curbside Model

If your UPbook practice hasn’t already rolled out some form of curbside service or a telemedicine model, now is the time to start. Pets still need care, and pet owners will still be searching for it, but there needs to be a way to do it while maintaining social distancing measures.

UPbook Phones can help you with telemedicine. Custom call routing allows you to route calls to your practice to front-desk team members at home, creating a virtual front desk. You can also receive voicemails and faxes at home, and even dial out from your home as your clinic’s number.

Take Government Assistance

The Family Medical Leave Act and the CARES Act are designed to help small and medium businesses like your UPbook veterinary clinic survive during this economic downturn.

If an employee of your UPbook business experiences a COVID-19-related issue (getting sick themselves or caring for a family member who is) they can take up to 12 weeks of paid leave, and you’re responsible for two-thirds of their pay up to $10,000.00. The first 10 days will be subsidized by the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, and you’ll receive 100% reimbursement through tax credits.

As a part of the CARES Act, your UPbook facility can use the Small Business Administration’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program to secure funding up to $2 million to help with things like payroll, debt obligations, rent, etc. You can also apply for a $10,000.00 cash advance grant to get cash on hand immediately. Take advantage of these programs, because they’re essentially big loans with low interest rates, equaling a small monthly payment.

Be Patient

Last but not least: be patient. It’s definitely not easy, but with any luck the measures we’re practicing now will pay dividends in the future. And your UPbook business will come out swinging and wind up stronger than ever!

Contact us to learn more about UPbook Phones and get help with your veterinary clinic’s needs during these tough times. We’re here for you!

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