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May 21, 2018 6:36:44 AM / by Zuhaib

For UPbook businesses trying to come up with content ideas for their Facebook videos, it can be hard to settle on a topic just hit “go.” Often, there’s so much out there that you could talk about that it’s hard to just pick one thing! One option for the struggling UPbook business may be to look outside the realm of “topics” and make a special type of video. Here are some ideas:

Live Q&As

Have a staff member—those who have undergone UPbook training are sure to make good choices!—go live with Facebook’s live video option and host a live question-and-answer session. This Q&A can last as long as you’d like: 15 minutes, an hour, or longer. In this session, Facebook viewers can ask questions about your products or services and get real-time feedback from your staff member. It’s a great way to accomplish multiple things at once: educate your clients, use the skillsets taught via UPbook to put a smiling face to your business’s name, and rack up the views and engagement on your Facebook page!

Business Events

Think about special events you have coming up at your facility. Perhaps there is a promotional event happening soon… a staff birthday that you’ll be celebrating in the lounge… an anniversary party to celebrate a senior team member’s achievements. For savvy UPbook businesses, these kind of events make great subject matter for quick video segments! Your clients will love getting a glimpse into special events and happenings at your business, or outside of it—consider filming a quick video when your UPbook business participates in a community fundraiser at the local park, or sets up a booth at the nearby job fair.

Featured Video

The Featured Video is a relatively new feature on Facebook; actually, it’s still being rolled out. This video will appear under the cover photo on your UPbook business’s main Facebook page, and shows up prominently when clients click the video tab. What a great place to showcase monthly specials or special events happening at your facility!

Call to Action

A final tip for UPbook members about to create their next Facebook video: always end the video with a Call To Action (CTA). The last thing your viewer should see and hear is a clear directive to take an action. An UPbook business’s call to action might look something like:

“Are you a member of our client family yet? We’d love to get to know you. Stop by or call today!”


“When was the last time you visited us? If it’s been longer than six months, you’re overdue for an appointment. Take advantage of our special and set up a visit today.”

The real-time connectivity and engagement that these kinds of videos offer just can’t be overstated. Don’t forget that Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform, and video garners significantly more engagement than photos! It’s time for you, the business already utilizing UPbook for customer-service and front-desk excellence, to harness the incredible power of Facebook videos.

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