How Receptionist Responsibilities Impact Your Business’s Bottom Line

Receptionist Responsibilities Impact Your Business - UPbook

Jan 6, 2020 2:05:10 AM / by Zuhaib

Everyone knows that the efforts of your receptionist team make a huge difference in the day-to-day functionality of your business. But how exactly do receptionist responsibilities impact your overall revenue and profit? You might be surprised to learn that the front-desk team has a major impact on your veterinary clinic’s bottom line.

Let’s dive deeper into three major ways that receptionist responsibilities make a difference to your numbers.

New Client Acquisition

It can’t be overstated: new clients are the lifeblood of your veterinary practice. If your business doesn’t acquire new clients on a continuing basis, you won’t succeed. It’s that simple! And make no mistake: one of the major ways that new clients are attracted to your business is through the receptionist responsibility.

Remember: receptionists encourage referrals when speaking with existing clients, and they are the first point of contact. When a potential customer calls your clinic, so it’s their responsibility to lock in new members. That means that it’s the receptionist responsibilities themselves that lead to new clients on the books!

Client Retention

The receptionist responsibilities that your front desk staff members are tasked with every day impact your clinic’s bottom line in another way. They help to keep the clients you already have locked down. Thanks to the receptionist team’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, both in-person and on the phone. Your clients don’t have a need to seek veterinary care elsewhere.

Make it a standard part of your practice’s receptionist's responsibility to put the customer and patient first, every time. Use first names; offer refreshments in the waiting room; make note of special family details. It’s all about those personal touches!

Recapturing Missed Opportunities

Another standard part of receptionist responsibility should be following up on missed opportunities at the front desk. This includes things like cancelled appointments, no-shows, and price-shopping callers. Having your reception team convert even a percentage of these missed opportunities into actual appointments makes a huge difference — that’s how a relatively normal part of receptionist responsibilities can impact your revenue numbers in a big way.

Getting new clients on the books, keeping your existing customers happy and lucrative, and turning missed opportunities into paying clients. These are just a few of the main ways that receptionist responsibilities make a positive impact on your clinic’s bottom line. Having an all-star team manning your front desk isn’t just a good idea. It’s essential to the continued success of your practice.

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