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Jul 30, 2018 2:54:01 AM / by Zuhaib

Veterinary receptionists have a unique job—not only do they have the responsibilities of any traditional receptionist, they’re working in a field that’s highly charged with emotion. Navigating the complexities of the job requires effective veterinary receptionist training, including information on price shoppers, emergency situations, how to deal with sales calls as a receptionist, and much more. Here are some tips to follow when going about your business’s veterinary receptionist training:

Greeting Etiquette

A greeting phrase like “Hi, how can I help you?” is over-used and ineffective. Instead, try implementing dynamic phrasing suggestions into your veterinary receptionist training program. Try something like:

“Hello, you’ve reached [business name]. This is Taylor speaking, what can I help you with this afternoon?”

That lets the customer know they’ve reached the right place, and it puts a name to the voice immediately. It also prompts them to get right to the point with their needs.

Avoiding Price Shoppers

A particular problem facing veterinary receptionists is the price shopper—someone who calls the practice just to find out the fee for a service, then hangs up and calls every one of your competitors to shop for the cheapest option. Avoiding price shoppers should be a part of any quality veterinary receptionist training! Remember: talk value over price. Resist the urge to give a bottom-line number, because the caller will be off the line in a matter of moments. Instead, tell the customer about the value of the service you offer and why your practice is a good choice over others.

Offering Specials

Offering specials is another important part of proper veterinary receptionist training, and it’s a great way to avoid price shoppers. Since price shoppers are, after all, looking for a deal, a discounted service or a special offer may be irresistible to them! When training your staff on how to deal with sales calls as a receptionist, make sure to implement tactics on offering specials into your veterinary receptionist training curriculum.Veterinary staff face unique challenges, largely because pets can prove to be such a personal topic with customers. Utilizing great veterinary receptionist training techniques, your business’s front line is prepared to deal with whatever callers might throw at them!

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