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Sep 9, 2019 1:27:45 AM / by Zuhaib

Overseeing veterinary receptionist training at your clinic is no easy task. Whether you’re training a brand-new receptionist or cross-training an employee in an area that’s new to them, you want that person to turn into the most dynamic, helpful, and effective front-desk team member that they possibly can be.

Here are three ways to make the most of your practice’s veterinary receptionist training efforts:

Focus on New Clients vs. Existing Clients

There’s a big difference between an individual calling your practice for the very first time and an existing customer calling to get their pet looked at again. In your veterinary receptionist training efforts, make sure to highlight these differences and make it clear how the front-desk staff should approach each. The new client must be WOWed at every turn, while the existing customer should be welcomed back like an old friend.

Role Play Among the Team

Role-playing has been proven, time and time again, to be a very effective method for veterinary receptionist training. You can run through all kinds of scenarios in real-time — price shoppers, angry or frustrated customers, new clients, emergency situations, etc. — simply by having one team member play the receptionist role and the others play the role of the client.

We recommending incorporate role-playing scenarios into your veterinary receptionist training right away. You can even give your existing front-desk staff a refresher using this great technique.

Push the Emotional Connection

Your front-desk team members aren’t salespeople. But they are the part of your team that introduces your clientele to certain deals or promotions that your practice is running. That’s why imparting the importance of the emotional connection is such a key part of your business’s veterinary receptionist training. When your team members can make that personal connection with the client, the appointment is that much more likely to be secured.

By making the most of your veterinary receptionist training, you’ll turn out high-quality, skilled reception team members that your clientele will love. What better way to drum up a new business and satisfy your existing customers at the same time?

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