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May 7, 2018 7:40:38 AM / by Zuhaib

You’re an UPbook member ready to utilize the power of Facebook videos to skyrocket your client engagement and ultimately boost your in-house appointment numbers. The question is, how do you actually go about creating your Facebook video?

Creating the Video

There are two main options for UPbook businesses when it comes to putting a video on your Facebook page.

The first is using the “Go Live” feature that’s already built in to your business’s Facebook page. This feature allows you to click a single button and then broadcast live directly onto your page. Once you click the button, Facebook will walk you through the process from there—all the UPbook member has to do is start filming content.

Are you nervous about broadcasting a live video without practicing beforehand? That’s okay—Facebook will give you a chance to erase the video before it posts, should you not like the way it turns out. Keep in mind, though, that there is a special quality to the live, raw, and unedited nature of a Facebook live broadcast! It will connect you, the UPbook member, to your clientele in an extremely transparent way that you can’t get through other means.

The second option for an UPbook business creating a video for Facebook is simply to record your video using a smartphone or video camera, then upload it to Facebook after you’ve finished filming and editing. You’ll just need to hit the “upload photos/videos” button on Facebook and then select the video from your computer’s files.

Bonus Tip

Here’s a special bonus tip for UPbook members: don’t upload your video to YouTube, then post a link to that YouTube video on Facebook. Uploading just once, directly to Facebook, results in four times as many views as a link alone!

Even More Tips

Here are a few more great tips for UPbook members looking to boost their client engagement with the power of Facebook videos:

  • Keep it SHORT. If your video is too long, you’ll be testing the attention spans of your clients. Don’t make your video longer than two or three minutes at most; a two-minute video, give or take a few seconds, is your best choice. Think about the way you use Facebook—things are quick and snappy, not long and drawn-out.
  • Use SUBTITLES. If you’re an UPbook business creating a video that contains dialogue, it’s best to include subtitles and/or captions. That’s because a shocking 85% of Facebook videos are watched silently! This is why you see so many videos on Facebook that have captions. Most people won’t bother turning the sound on when watching a video that passes by in their feed; subtitles will fix this problem and impart your message regardless.
  • EDIT your video. Unless you’re creating a Facebook Live video, you’ll want to edit your video before posting. Since most UPbook members are not professional videographers, it’s best to use programs or apps—Filmora, Animoto, and Magisto are a few examples—to accomplish this with ease.

Follow these tips, and your business’s video will come together in no time at all. As a member of UPbook, you’re already doing your part to solidify engagement and traction at the front desk. Why not do the same online? Start utilizing the power of Facebook video today!

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