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Feb 12, 2018 7:00:14 AM / by Michael

Even in a world where human-to-human communication seems to dwindle more and more every day, the importance of the phone call cannot be ignored when it comes to your business. According to a survey by New Voice Media, 75% of customers still believe a phone call is the quickest way to get the results they’re looking for! That’s why it’s essential to make sure your front desk staff is making the most of new client calls.Let’s take a look at a few ways that language and speech can affect your business’s phone calls.


No potential customer wants to talk to someone who seems bored, uninterested, or unhelpful. Have your front desk staff project enthusiasm during client calls, and you’ll see conversions to appointments go up. Since the caller can’t see the person they’re talking to, the common visual cues that we’re used to in conversations aren’t helpful. Your staff members must sound enthusiastic—have them maintain an upbeat tone of voice and use inflection to speak in dynamic sentences.


Many of us tend to speak quickly over the phone, especially if we’re anxious. Remind your front desk staff to speak slowly, clearly, and with proper enunciation for each and every word they say. Not only does this ensure that callers receive the correct information that they’re calling for, it means that your business is coming across as professional, prepared, and helpful.

Another key tip: make sure staff members aren’t holding the phone receiver too close to their mouths, as this can garble speech and make it hard for callers to hear what’s being said.


While it is beneficial to add a personal touch to your new-client calls, don’t allow your front desk staff to slip into unprofessional speech. This means avoiding slang terms or colloquialisms, and it also means getting rid of terms like ain’t or anyways.

Additionally, although it should go without saying—never use inappropriate language or even “substitute” curse words like B.S.

Take a Breath

Remember this rule: taking a pause for a second or two, allowing yourself to breathe, is a better option than murmuring an “umm” or “ahh” over the phone. Plus, taking a breath here and there keeps you calm, and it helps you to continue speaking slowly and clearly.

Body Language

Your front desk staff’s body language matters, even over the phone. Someone who is slumped over or curled in on themselves is not going to make a good impression on the phone—make sure your staff members are sitting up straight with their shoulders held back. It’s guaranteed to help them speak with confidence and clarity!

Even as things trend ever increasingly toward the digital realm, the importance of a great phone call cannot be underestimated. Your front desk language is a key component of your business’s success—in fact, it’s what will turn new clients into lifelong customers!

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