Beyond the Basics: Medical Receptionist Duties That Aren’t Always in the Job Description

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May 20, 2019 6:02:42 AM / by Zuhaib

Everyone knows that medical receptionist duties include things like answering incoming calls, checking patients in and out, invoicing, processing bills, and finding patient files. Oftentimes, though, the day-to-day duties go far beyond the basics!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common medical receptionist duties that you might not find on the job description.

Providing a Sympathetic Ear

Many patients in a medical office are experiencing emotional trauma, either themselves or in the life of a loved one. It’s often up to the faces of the medical clinic — the front desk team — to comfort those in distress. Providing a sympathetic ear is definitely an unsung part of medical receptionist duties

Keeping Things Calm

Just as some patients are distressed, others are angry or frustrated. It falls to the reception team to maintain order in the office and waiting room, as well as with upset customers on the phone. Medical receptionist duties include maintaining an environment of peace and comfort — it’s also important to have procedures in place for dealing with confrontational clientele.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Facility-patient confidentiality is key in any medical practice, and it’s up to the front-desk team to maintain that. That’s why discretion and privacy are key components of medical receptionist duties — receptionists must be trained how to properly handle confidential client files and information, both physically and verbally.

Helping in the Exam Rooms

Although it depends on the particular medical facility, members of the reception team often jump in to help in the exam rooms when they’re needed. This is especially true when reception team members have certification or training in the medical field. In many facilities, receptionists aren’t locked down to the front desk — helping out in all areas of the clinic is usually part of medical receptionist duties!


Another part of medical receptionist duties that isn’t always listed on the job description is dealing with inventory. This can be something that managers or team leads take care of, but it sometimes falls to reception teams. Plus, receptionist teams might be responsible for ordering clerical supplies like stationary, pens, printer paper, and ink, etc. to keep the entire clinic functioning.

All of these behind-the-scenes medical receptionist duties mean one thing: there’s often much more to the job of a medical facility’s receptionist than we think! Including sections on these areas in reception training materials and programs is a good step toward preparing front-desk staff for the realities of the job.

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