Creating a Job Listing for a Medical Receptionist Opening

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Feb 4, 2019 6:04:31 AM / by Zuhaib

If your medical practice is in need of a new receptionist, you’ll have to create a job listing for the position, complete with a medical receptionist role description. This can be easier said than done — here are a few tips on breaking things down.

Describe Phone Responsibilities

Make sure to describe essential phone responsibilities in your medical receptionist role description. So much of your new hire’s time will be spent on the phone, talking with potential clients and existing customers. It’s imperative that new hires are aware of the proper phone etiquette for receptionist duties, including placing callers on hold, dealing with difficult customers over the phone, and upselling on services.

Outline In-Office Responsibilities

When your receptionist isn’t on the phone, they’ll be helping customers face-to-face at the front desk. Be sure to outline the basics of front-desk responsibilities in your medical receptionist role description. This includes greeting clients as they arrive, checking them in, and directing them to the proper area once their appointment time arrives. You may even want to include a few brief points on dealing with difficult customers, defusing toxic situations, and basic emergency training in your medical receptionist role description.

List Ideal Personality Traits

So much of what makes a receptionist a good fit with your organization comes down to personality. That’s why it’s important to include ideal personality traits and qualities in your medical receptionist role description!Try writing something like “we’re looking for a motivated, passionate individual who gets along well with everyone they meet.” Ideal qualities to list in the medical receptionist role description include excellent time-management skills, empathy, multitasking ability, and top-tier organizational abilities.

Creating a comprehensive, detailed job listing with a thorough medical receptionist role description will allow to you find the best reception candidates in the shortest amount of time. That way, you’ll be able to narrow down your search easily and find the absolute best fit for your practice!

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