How To Drive Forward As The Economy Re-Opens

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May 28, 2020 12:27:58 AM / by Michael

The demand for services is back, and we as a community are exhausted trying to satisfy this surge while employing less efficient work flows due to curbside.

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Turning to the main focus and action for today, I would like you to carefully consider how you, your teams, and loved ones, will stay safe as society re-opens.

The virus is still out there, so let’s become a master of its patterns and behavior.

Below is a simple to understand article which has changed my behavior.

Your action for this week is to read this article:
The Risks, Know Them & How To Avoid Them

The big idea, carefully consider the proximity and air flow patterns of your work environment and any other places you spend time.

It is about proximity, duration of exposure, and airflow which directly impacts virus load.

This article has changed how I think about the virus, and I’ll bet it will do the same for you.

So set a plan in place for you and your staff to stay safe (personally and professionally) so that you can remain healthy and keep your practice open.

Any keen insights about reopening let me know I am all ears :)

Here for you 100% during this time.

Until the next bulletin,

Michael & The UPbook Team

P.S. If you are not seeing 4 appointments per hour (at least 2 regular and 2 rechecks) I would like to push you to figure out why other members are able to do this and you can’t.

I don’t want you to suffer revenue loss through curbside inefficiencies, as we are likely in for the long haul with social distancing as you will read in the above article.

P.P.S. Tangible examples of considerations sparked from this article:

1. Ensure your all team members ALL THE TIME are wearing masks (as this reduces the spread and exposure)

2. Consider opening windows and adding large fans to ventilate your indoor space. The greater the air circulation, the lower the chance of infection (there is only been 1 documented case EVER WORLD WIDE of someone contracting COVID outdoors).

3. If ever in a public space, try to be where there is maximum external ventilation, and stay away from people talking in small indoor areas.

4. As you can quickly see, small exam rooms are a very high risk area, so whenever we return to this in-person model, it will be very important to ventilate these rooms by keeping the doors open and pumping new air into the rooms to diffuse contamination.

Any other insights let me know - I will share them with the UPbook community :)

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