Handling Front Desk Receptionist Duties During Busy Times

Handling Front Desk Receptionist Duties - UPbook

May 6, 2019 3:35:38 AM / by Zuhaib

It’s a hurdle that every front desk receptionist faces at one time or another. That busy stretch of a few hours in which everyone is demanding your attention — a customer in the waiting room, another client on the phone, and a coworker from the back office — can be brutal. How do you handle front desk receptionist duties during peak hours without going crazy? Here are four tips to make things a little easier.


It can be easier said than done but make prioritization a core component of front desk receptionist duties during rush times. Think about what needs to be done most urgently, and focus on that until moving on to the next most important thing. Remember: customers come first, so if someone is directly in front of you asking for help, you’ll probably want to address them first.


Another trick for handling front desk receptionist duties during busy hours is to forward-book your clients. That means scheduling their next appointment as they’re wrapping up their current one. This way, you have one less responsibility to worry about — there’s no need to cold-call clients to remind them of their next appointment or try to get one scheduled, because you’ve already done it!

Project Positivity

Keep this in mind: when you start to appear flustered, clients will know that you are. If you appear calm, collected, and in control, everyone around you will feel the same way! By projecting an air of positivity and control at all times, even when you’re extremely busy, you’re helping everyone else to remain calm. That makes it easier for you to go about your front desk receptionist duties and get through the rush.

Ask for Help

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s no shame in asking a coworker to help you out during peak hours. You might even ask a supervisor to call other receptionists who are off that day if you know that you’re shorthanded. Part of taking care of your front desk receptionist duties is knowing when you need help to do your best work!

Busy times are never fun, but they will subside. Get through rush hour by implementing the above strategies as a normal part of your front desk receptionist duties. That way, you’ll keep clients, coworkers, and management happy, and you’llfeel proud of the great work that you do!

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