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Jun 24, 2019 3:04:03 AM / by Zuhaib

Are you in the market for a new front desk receptionist at your medical facility? It’s important to make a profile for your next hire, complete with the essential qualities that a front desk medical receptionist must have. Here are just a few examples of qualities that your new hire should possess:


There’s simply no place in a busy medical facility for someone who is impatient. They say that patience is such a virtue — that couldn’t be more accurate for your next front desk medical receptionist! You need someone who is patient and won’t become frustrated when things get backed up.

Multitasking Ability

If there’s one thing that a front desk medical receptionist must have, it’s the ability to multitask. The individual will be required to take care of multiple things at once, almost every day — clients waiting to check in, clients that need checked out, requests from doctors or support staff… the list goes on and on. Make sure to evaluate candidates’ multitasking abilities during the interview process!

Cool Under Pressure

A lot of pressure comes with the events described above. On any given day, multiple people might be vying for the attention of the front desk medical receptionist at the same time. Things will get hectic, especially when clients are frustrated, upset, or in pain. Staying cool under pressure is of paramount importance.

People Skills

In the same vein, people skills are another must-have for any front desk medical receptionist. Being able to chat with just about anyone, and being able to put someone’s mind at ease when they’re worried or confused, is an essential quality. After all, this individual will be dealing with people almost 100% of the time! If you don’t feel like a candidate is a people person right off the bat, it’s not worth pursuing.


At your medical facility, things will undoubtedly change. Different processes, new technologies, disruptions in the daily schedule… it’s imperative that a front desk medical receptionist have a measure of flexibility to adapt to these changes. If someone is thrown off by the tiniest change, they’re not a good fit for your establishment. These are just a few examples of the essential qualities of a front desk medical receptionist. Adding these qualities — as well as other characteristics that fit your particular needs — into your hiring profile and screening for them at the outset gives you the best chance of finding your dream candidate.

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