7 Principles for Building an Irresistible Business Brand

Building an Irresistible Business Brand - UPbook

Nov 26, 2018 3:14:46 AM / by Zuhaib

Your UPbook business’s reputation is built on your brand. Not just the physical branding of your company, but the message that you’re putting out to the world. How do you build an irresistible business brand that satisfies existing customers and continues to draw in new ones? Use these seven steps:

Define a Character

First, define a character with a single focus. This character can be the “typical” customer of your business — let’s say it’s a middle-aged female with a family at home. This character is the hero of your story, NOT you and your UPbook business! Start thinking of your clients as the heroes of your business’s story, and your entire perspective will change.

Define the Character’s Problem

Your character has a problem, and your UPbook business is here to solve it. Your business must solve the client’s physical problem as well as their emotional one — that could be the need to get back to their daily life, or to take a weight off of their shoulders.

The Character Meets a Guide…

Now, your character meets a guide: your UPbook business. As the guide, you must have empathy and be able to understand the client’s problem. Have front desk staff say things like “We understand how it feels to…” “No one should have to experience…” “Like you, we’re frustrated by…” and “We care about your…”

Your UPbook business must also demonstrate authority. You’re the expert in your field, and that leads to a level of trust!

…Who Gives Them a Plan

Next, your UPbook business outlines a plan for your character. The plan should have three basic steps:

  1. Making the choice to have the character’s problem resolved…
  2. The meat of the challenge – what your UPbook business must do for the problem to be fixed…
  3. Make it clear what it will feel like for the character when the process is complete.

Present a Call to Action

Remember: your character might not do anything without being challenged. It’s up to your staff to use the training they’ve received through UPbook to present a call to action. Have front desk staff ask the client: “Would you like us to go ahead and get started?”

Help the Character Avoid Failure

The next step for your UPbook business is helping your character avoid failure. Make your hero realize that they’re vulnerable to the problem… remind them what can and will happen if they don’t act. Make it clear what it will look like if no action is taken!

End With Success

Finally, your UPbook business’s brand story ends in success. Keep in mind:

  • Don’t assume people understand how you can change their lives. It’s up to your UPbook business to TELL them!
  • Describe what your client’s life will be like after they’ve accepted your help.
  • Clearly and specifically resolve their problem.
  • Make a promise to your hero — that your UPbook business will do whatever they can to help.

Your business has a story to tell. Follow this story arc, and you can’t go wrong. That’s how you create an irresistible brand that speaks for itself!

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