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May 14, 2018 7:21:01 AM / by Zuhaib

Have you noticed a lot more video content while scrolling through your Facebook page recently? You’re not imagining things. Videos are extremely popular and create incredible engagement on the world’s biggest social-media platform—UPbook members must take advantage of the trend!

Why Is Video So Impactful?

Recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms give more “weight” to videos, meaning that they’re more impactful than photo or simple text posts. That’s why you’ve been seeing so many more videos in your feed! As an UPbook member, you should be using this phenomenon to your advantage.

If your UPbook member business is not posting videos on Facebook, you’re missing out—video posts garner 135% greater organic reach than photo posts do! Just imagine it from your clients’ perspective… with a video, especially one filmed inside your establishment with your staff members on-camera, gives a behind-the-scenes, personal, and undeniably real experience.

I’m Not a Videographer… What if I Can’t Make a Professional Video?

You’re at the top of your game professionally—and continuing to boost your front-desk performance with the help of UPbook—but you’re probably not a professional videographer. What if you can’t pull off a pro-shot video to dazzle clients and light up your Facebook page? Of course, one option for UPbook members is to contract the project out to a professional, but many of us don’t have the budget available for that sort of thing.

There’s no need to worry—it turns out that you don’t need professional equipment or years of experience to make a great Facebook video. In fact, the more “home-grown” a video is, the more it may engage with the majority of your audience! It turns out that “amateur” videos are even more likely to get views. Since many people use Facebook to keep up with family and friends, a do-it-yourself video from an UPbook member feels authentic, genuine, and fun!

How Can the Front Desk Get Involved?

You’re involved in the UPbook program—that means your front-desk numbers are skyrocketing and your staff is working at peak efficiency. How might the front desk get involved in your business’s Facebook video? Again, involving staff is a great idea and sure to please the social-media audience of almost any UPbook member’s business.

We’ve already mentioned how powerful the behind-the-scenes aspect of an UPbook member’s Facebook video can be. Try having your front-desk staff take viewers on a virtual tour of your establishment, or perhaps film a quick “day-in-the-life” of someone sitting behind the front desk.A video introducing every staff member of your establishment is another great idea. Remember: your customers love putting faces to the names!

For UPbook members running promotions, Facebook videos are a great way to announce them. Have your front-desk staff explain the ins and outs of this month’s promotion or discount offer on-camera, perhaps offering a special incentive if you get a certain number of “likes” once the video goes live.

When was the last time you posted a video on your business’s Facebook page? Members of UPbook should not miss out on this huge revenue builder and client-engagement tool. Creating your video will be a lot of fun for you and your staff, and it satisfies existing clients while drawing in new ones at the same time!

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