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Oct 21, 2019 2:54:50 AM / by Zuhaib

Does your UPbook business do something to give back to the community, or the world at large? If not, it’s time to start. Giving back through social contribution isn’t just good for the world — it’s good for your business and your bottom line.

Let’s take a closer look at your UPbook business’s social contribution efforts so you can make the biggest impact possible.

Why is Social Contribution Beneficial to Your UPbook Business?

Social contribution isn’t just about making people feel good. Your business’s efforts:

  • Make your community a better place…
  • Build a stronger company by boosting your staff’s morale and increasing employee retention…
  • Makes your customers less price-sensitive…
  • And builds stronger, more meaningful relationships with your clients!

So, social contributions benefit your UPbook business in multiple ways. But what exactly does your impact look like, and how do your customers see that?

What Does Your Impact Look Like?

The impact of your UPbook business’s social contributions comes down to one rule: consumers want to do business with companies that they feel good about.

When a company implements an easy-to-understand, highly emotional contribution, the impact is greater. Tom’s Shoes is a good example: they give a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair bought.

But the genius of the strategy is this: we’re focused on the impact itself — the shoes being given to someone in need — rather than the dollar amount. It wouldn’t be nearly as effective if the company said “For every pair of shoes bought, we donate $25.00 to our shoe fund.”

So, when implementing your UPbook business’s social contributions, focus on the impact itself. That’s what sells to your clientele, not the dollar amount you’ve raised or the figure you’re donating!

What Can My Business Do to Give Back?

There are countless ways for your UPbook business to get involved and give back. Partner with local shelters or homeless organizations; donate a portion of your proceeds to the local food bank; link up with other local businesses for contests and raffles. Create your own branded merchandise and donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of your choosing. The possibilities are endless!

Social contribution benefits your UPbook business in just about every conceivable way. It attracts customers, it satisfies your staff, and it does some good for the world. There’s simply no reason not to give back!

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