What to Look For in Your Business’s Next Front-Desk Hire

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Aug 13, 2018 6:23:11 AM / by Zuhaib

Receptionists can be found in almost any industry, from medical offices to insurance agencies. Are you in the market for a new front desk-hire? Here are five receptionist skills and qualities to look for when interviewing candidates.


Let’s be honest—customers don’t want to encounter an unpleasant individual upon first entering your business. In fact, that could turn them off to the point of not returning. When you’re thinking about the right receptionist skills and qualities, put friendliness near the top of the list. That literally puts a friendly face on your business!

Communication Skills

Receptionists will be talking to a lot of people. That’s why communication skills are another important part of essential receptionist skills and qualities. A great receptionist will be a top-notch communicator!

Here’s a bonus tip: If you’re putting together a receptionist training manual to use after you’ve hired your new staff member, include measurements of communication skills.

Listening Skills

On par with communication skills is active listening skills. In today’s world of fast-paced, non-personal communication, employers must consider listening abilities as part of the most important receptionist skills and qualities. Receptionists will need to listen to customers and quickly evaluate their needs, as well as the appropriate response.


At the front desk, things can change in seconds. That’s why a flexible personality and approach is a great trait to look for when evaluating receptionist skills and qualities! A receptionist who is flexible won’t be frazzled when the day’s appointments get shifted or a new system is implemented.


Examine any receptionist training manual, and you’re likely to see “patience” listed as a top virtue of the greatest receptionists. Receptionists often receive the wrath of frustrated customers, so a considerable amount of patience and poise is necessary. When you’re evaluating candidates’ receptionist skills and qualities, take a moment to think about each individual’s level of patience.

Hiring your next front-desk staff member doesn’t have to be complicated. Put together a short list of the most important receptionist skills and qualities to help you evaluate your candidates. It won’t be long before you have your next team member on board!

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