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Apr 20, 2020 4:07:48 AM / by Michael


I am not a big fan of telemedicine from a business perspective...until COVID-19.

With the Pandemic, we have to look at what behavior has changed and what new habits will be formed as they will be considered as the 'NEW NORMAL'.

And telemedicine is a big one (along with online shopping and grocery delivery!).


Interesting telemedicine workflows to consider:

1. Since telemedicine is quick & easy with a lower price point, consider doing more, and faster rechecks.

Rather than rechecking in 10 days, schedule a 3-day recheck and then 7 or 10 days.

It is better medicine and helps to make up for not seeing the pet in person.

2. Think about telemedicine “feeding” the physical practice.

In other words, any concerns seen during telemedicine can be sent to the practice.

Simply credit the telemedicine fee toward the full exam fee and everyone wins.

The pet gets the work up, the client feels well served, and the telemedicine appointment turns into a full medical workup (when required).

This way a vet stuck at home can still be a revenue generator for the practice.

3.  Schedule your normal call backs from in-person visits as telemedicine appointments

(thanks for the idea Kellie!)

Now suddenly you are recovering some revenue for your time consuming (and usually free!) phone consultations and updates.


These are the initial concepts.

The DVMelite community is going to be “full on” with telemedicine over the next 4 weeks, so together we are going to develop an entirely new telemedicine model...and you are going to be a part of it :)

Let’s focus in the coming weeks on implementing telemedicine as a new revenue generating path for your practice.

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All the best until the next Bulletin,

Michael & The UPbook Team


P.S. Here is a link to an interesting documentary about the Spanish Flu (history often echoes so it is good to study this as an example of how a pandemic progresses).

The key to remember is the “Second Wave” phenomenon, when social distancing ends too early, and the pandemic returns often more significantly than the First Wave.

Spanish Flu Documentary:

P.P.S. Telemedicine App Roll Out - We are starting to slowly add more practices to the testing group from the waiting list. If you are totally “ready to go” and would like to be sent the telemedicine app now please reply and let me know!

The only caveat is that you would be comfortable being an alpha tester and reporting bugs and feedback promptly as this would still be a brand new app and the goal is to iterate quickly :)

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