11 Veterinary Practice Management Software To Have in 2021

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When we talk about veterinary practices, they often require specific features with respect to management solutions. 

They happen to have quite different workflows, new data elements, treatment workflows, and a lot more to run their veterinary practice. 

Finding and selecting a Veterinary Practice Management solution can prove to be difficult. This is why we have compiled a list of 11 Veterinary Practice Management Software for practice owners in 2021.

What is Veterinary Practice Management Software? 

A Veterinary Practice Management (VPM) software provides invaluable help to practice owners in managing everything from patients’ basic information to treatment plans. A VPM help veterinarians when it comes to diagnostics, ongoing health management, and treatment development.

It is crucial for veterinary hospitals to keep a strong track of appointment scheduling according to the demand and capacity they have. The clinic should have adequate and prompt information about scheduled appointments, payments that are overdue, and strong follow-up updates in order to ensure smooth operations.

Ideally, veterinary practice management software in animal healthcare centers should assist in:

  • Invoicing and Accounting
  • Reporting Team Performance
  • Maintaining Client Scheduling Rate in a database
  • Medical Records
  • Inventory Management

Benefits of Veterinary Practice Management Software 

The first and foremost benefit that is delivered by a veterinary practice management software is keeping a close watch on the non-human charges for the practice, such as scheduling and record access. A VPM software helps in ensuring that most of the time that a practice has is spent on the needs of the clients.

With a good Veterinary Practice Management Software in place, not only can you recommend a dietary plan to pet owners, but you can also suggest plans that can lead to enhanced health and wellness. 

Besides operations, a VPM software also helps in keeping track and improving the performance of your practice. This is usually done through identifying the loopholes in the work practices of your team so that you can take corrective actions to fix them.

List of 11 Veterinary Practice Management Software 

To make things easier  for you we have compiled a list of 11 Veterinary Management Software that are a must-have for practice owners in 2020.

Without further ado, let’s look at them individually.

1. IDEXX Cornerstone Veterinary Software

IDEXX Cornerstone Veterinary Software

The top on our list is Cornerstone Veterinary Software by IDEXX. It is a management solution designed particularly for veterinarians. Cornerstone happens to be a one-stop management software, which provides appointment details, prescriptions, vaccination records, and much more. 

Besides medical operations, this software also helps in the marketing of your practice. You can access health networks and automate surveys to know what people think of your service. 

Free Trial: The vendor offers a free trial for online visitors.

Pricing: You will only learn about the pricing of the software once you have booked a demo.

Mobile App: A variety of mobile apps are at your disposal to be integrated, and the vendor makes regular updates to its core software.

Hosting: The vendor provides online hosting, and you get your own individual server.

Training: Besides, their free demonstration, you will also have access to their online learning center to know about the software better.

Website: https://www.idexx.com/en/

2. ezyVet

ezyVet - UPbook

With ezyVet at your disposal, you can easily manage your practice responsibilities such as financial, lab integrations, and client information. The software can be tailored to support virtually any type of veterinary service, especially for small practices and specialist services.

Free Trial: You can either book a demo through a webinar or through their office. The candidate will be given a demonstration about the software using screen sharing.

Pricing: The monthly subscription for one user starts from $150, and can go up to $1250 for fifty to seventy five users. However, you need to pay a one-time fee of $2500 for installation of the software. Moreover, you can also customize your software per the needs of your practice, but that comes at an additional cost.

Mobile App: The mobile app is easily available for android and iOS devices to simplify the workflow.

Hosting: The software is cloud based.

Training: The vendor offers the option for onsite training. You choose from half-day training for $800 or full-day training for $1250, depending on your needs.

Website: https://www.ezyvet.com/


3. AVImark

AVImark - UPbook

AVImark, developed by Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions, is considered to be amongst the top players in the market. The solution provides patient records, treatment management functionalities, prescription plans, and appointment booking all in one platform. The software provides you with features that help in managing and growing your practice effectively. The vendor provides unlimited licenses and advanced features that support a paperless environment, saving money and time.

Free Trial: The vendor does not offer a free trial.

Pricing: The monthly plan of the software comes at a price of $169 per month. 

Mobile App: The vendor does not offer any mobile app right now.

Hosting: The vendor offers its users both cloud-based and on-premise deployment.

Training: The training is offered through documentation, in person, live online sessions, and webinars.

Website: https://www.avimark.com/

4. UPbook

UPbook Front Desk Management - UPbook

Next on the list is our own software, UPbook.

UPbook doesn’t help you with the technical or operational part of veterinary businesses, but it helps you manage your most important business functions: client communication, scheduling, and converting more calls to appointments.

UPbook is a front desk management software designed to enhance the client-scheduling rate of your veterinary practice. 

UPbook’s ultimate goal is to transform your existing phone system into:

  • A phone platform that grows the practice by doubling the call-scheduling rate and acquiring more clients for your practice. 
  • A phone platform that drives greater efficiency with its unique integration of the front desk system. It lets you track the performance of every individual on the front desk team separately, which allows you to take corrective actions (training or counseling) as well automatically reward them through a built-in reward redeeming system. 

Free Trial: You can book a free demo and get to know the software better from the website.

Pricing: You can learn about the detailed pricing of the software when you opt for the demo. The pricing of the software is relatively affordable (starting from $297 per month) when compared to other vendors in the market. Moreover, each practice gets free VoIP Phones with their subscription.

Mobile App: As of now we only offer software solutions for the desktop; mobile apps are yet to be made.

Hosting: The buyers will get a dedicated server to store and back up their data.

Training: The website offers detailed guides on how to use the software in the free resource section. Additionally, webinars and demo sessions are available to help you get acquainted with the software along with a responsive support team.

Website: https://upbook.com/

5. ImproMed

ImproMed - UPbook

ImproMed is a full suite of veterinary solutions for vets that are dealing with traditional cats and dogs. They also extend their services to equine medication and service, allowing rural vets to service horses.

The software not only offers treatment plans, but it is also useful when it comes to advising pet owners on a variety of proactive health regimens. ImproMed offers features such as scheduling services, billing, and balance tracking.

Free Trial: The software does not come with a free trial.

Pricing: You can only learn about the pricing after you have consulted them, as they design customized plans for your needs.

Mobile App: Recently an android app has been launched by the vendor.

Hosting: The software only offers Windows installation for now.

Training: The vendor offers training during regular business hours, and you can only access online resources after the training.

Website: https://www.impromed.com/

6. RxWorks

RxWorks - UPbook

RxWorks helps practices that are looking for a remedy to streamline their business management and grow their practice. The software helps its users to simplify the management of the practice, advocate for a better customer experience, and promise enhanced patient treatment to ensure growing revenue streams. It is a purpose-built software for veterinarians, which offers  features and functions that ensure effective practice processes.

Free Trial: The vendor offers a free demo.

Pricing: You need to get in touch with the vendor through their website in order to learn about the pricing.

Mobile App: The vendor does not offer any mobile applications.

Hosting: It is a cloud-based and on-premise deployment software.

Training: The vendor offers training through webinars, in person, online, and through online documentation.

Website: https://www.rxworks.com

7. eVetPractice

eVetPractice Veterinary Practice Management - UPbook

The vendor offers a host of solutions for veterinary practices. These range from standard scheduling to reporting options. The software also offers wellness plans for pets, lab integrations, and access to VetData marketplace. All in all, it’s a complete suite of services.

Free Trial: The vendor offers a free 30-day trial.

Pricing: $100 per month

Mobile App: The app is compatible with android and iOS.

Hosting: It is a cloud-based software.

Training: The vendor offers training through webinars, in person, online, and through documentation.

Website: https://evetpractice.com/

8. Hippo Manager Software

Hippo Manager Software Veterinary Pratice Management

Hippo Manager is specially designed for vets that are not so tech-savvy. It is easy to use and offers all the essential features that a vet requires such as scheduling, unlimited storage, and follow-up reminders.

Free Trial: The vendor offers a free 30-day trial.

Pricing: The pricing for commercial vets is $119 per month, and it starts from $99 per month for non-profit organizations.

Mobile App: The vendor does not offer any mobile app yet.

Hosting: The software is cloud-based.

Training: The vendor offers training on an unlimited basis when needed.

Website: https://hippomanager.com/

9. NaVetor

Navetor Veterinary Pratice Management - UPbook

This software is specially designed for startups and one-person practices. It provides you with the luxury to maintain a hands on practice with its easy-to-use and simple features. However, the software also offers features such as scheduling and medical record systems for bigger practices.

Free Trial: The vendor offers a free demo to get acquainted with the software.

Pricing: The software comes at a monthly subscription of $129.

Mobile App: The mobile app is only available and compatible with iOS.

Hosting: The software is cloud-based.

Training: The vendor offers training through online documentation, in-person training, webinars, and videos.

Website: https://www.navetor.com/

10. VetBadger

Vetbadger Veterinary Practice Management

The software is known for simplicity, but it does not offer comprehensive services. The software offers all the basic functions from scheduling to billing, and comes with an expedited check-in process to maximize the number of clients coming into your practice. The software offers a comprehensive suite for bookkeeping as well.

Free Trial: Both free demo and free trail can be availed through the website.

Pricing: The vendor offers various pricing plans depending upon the number of users. For one user the price starts at $99; for three to ten users it's $249 per month; for 11 to 20 users it's $449 per month; and for 21 to 40 users the subscription costs $599 per month.

Mobile App: Currently there is no mobile app for the software.

Hosting: The software is cloud-based.

Training: The vendor offers training either in-person or using online channels.

Website: https://vetbadger.com/


Shepherd  Veterinary Pratice ManagementA relatively new player in the market, Shepherd is designed to solve the problems faced by the front desk team. It assists in everything from appointment-making to records-tracking. The users of this software have reported an increase of 13% in revenue.

Free Trial: The vendor offers a free trial, but the period is not mentioned.

Pricing: The software offers a pricing plan depending upon the number of users. For one user it's $299 a month, for two to three users it's $499 per month, and for four to seven users it's $749 a month.

Mobile App: The software offered by the vendor is compatible with any device.

Hosting: The software is cloud-based.

Training: Both in-person and online training are offered by the vendor.

Website: https://shepherdapp.com/


With a lot of vendors to choose from, there is no doubt that, at times, you might be overwhelmed with the number of choices. Veterinary Practice Management software can significantly help improve the way your practice operates. This is why it is important to find a solution that is ideal for you.

Let us know about the software you are using at your practice.

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