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A receptionist in a dental office holds a great deal of responsibility—they are the conduit through which all customers pass before seeing dentists or hygienist staff. Read on to find out more about five of the most important dental receptionist duties:

Answering Phones

Like any front-desk staff member, a dental receptionist will spend a lot of their workday answering phones. They’ll need to know how to answer client questions, direct calls to the appropriate department, and take customer information. Proper phone etiquette is an important part of dental receptionist duties; a friendly greeting, up-to-date knowledge of medical procedures, and a clear, even tone are just a few of the most important dental office receptionist tips.

Customer Service

Another part of dental receptionist duties involves customer service, both on the phone and in person at the office. Receptionists will be the first person to address visitor’s concerns in the waiting room, and they must do so with professionalism and poise. Even if customers become frustrated, a great dental receptionist will remain calm and helpful under pressure.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is another major part of dental receptionist duties. Keeping track of appointments, scheduling new appointments, canceling or moving appointments… it’s a lot to keep track of! Luckily, technology makes this much easier and will help business keep everything running smoothly. On the phone, it’s essential that receptionists confirm the appointment a final time before ending the call, preventing missed appointments and frustrated customers—that’s just one of many dental office receptionist tips!


Maintaining records takes an organized, detail-oriented person. There’s a lot that goes into a patient’s file: medical history, medications, allergies, contact information, medical records… the list goes on and on. Organized bookkeeping skills are an essential part of dental receptionist duties!

Insurance Billing

If a dental office doesn’t have a billing specialist, insurance billing responsibilities usually fall to the receptionist team. Training on billing procedures should be included when focusing on dental receptionist duties! There are a variety of software programs out there that many dental offices use to make this part of the job simpler.

These are just a few of the most common dental receptionist duties. Clearly, a dental office’s front-desk staff play a much bigger role than just greeting customers. Without them, the entire office’s workflow falls apart!

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