Using the G.R.I.P.E Acronym to Eliminate Complaining in the Office

G.R.I.P.E Acronym - UPbook

Jan 20, 2020 4:48:01 AM / by Zuhaib

Did you know that the average person voices a complaint 15 to 30 times in a day? Multiply that number by the number of staff in your office — you’re listening to hundreds of complaints every single day! Imagine what your UPbook practice could accomplish if you had that time free for other things.

There are a few main reasons why someone complains, and you can remember it with the G.R.I.P.E. acronym. Read on to find out how your UPbook veterinary practice can use it to redirect that negative energy.

G = Get Attention in Office

The most common reason that people complain is to get attention. Redirect that bad energy at your UPbook practice by giving the person positive attention instead of feeding into their complaint. Say an individual is complaining about their kids’ busy schedules. Ask them “So, what’s going well with your kids recently?”

R = Remove Responsibility

Complaining also serves as a way to take the responsibility off of the complainer themselves. You may have heard statements like these at your UPbook office:

“There’s no way I can get to work on time with the construction.”

Counter it with “If it WAS possible, how would you do it?”

I = Inspire Envy

This kind of complaining is a kind of backhanded brag. A compliant like “My boss is so stupid,” really means “I’m smarter than my boss.” Counter it by complimenting the complainer on the opposite trait, i.e. “I really admire how intelligently you’ve handled [x situation].”

P = Power

Complaining is also a way that people seek power. Have you ever heard a statement like “Wow, the boss is making such a poor choice,” at your UPbook practice? Redirect that energy with something like “It sounds like you two have a lot to talk about,” or “It would be interesting to ask them why they made that decision.”

E = Excuse Poor Performance in Office

Last but not least, staff members at your UPbook vet clinic may complain in order to excuse their own poor performance. To redirect such complaints, simply ask the complainer how they plan on doing better next time. They’ll quickly realize that you’re on to their scheme!

Remember that complainers at your UPbook pet clinic are ultimately seeking attention. Finding the underlying reason for that allows you to redirect the negative energy and turn it into something constructive.

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Written by Zuhaib