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At first glance, it may seem that the role of front desk management and front office management are quite similar. Some people even use the two terms interchangeably. But while there are certainly some aspects of the job that align, such as making sure clients have a strong first impression and enjoy a consistently positive experience, there are also some key differences to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some of those differences below.

Front Desk Management Duties

Front desk management is a role that is primarily found in the health care industry, including veterinary clinics. These individuals are in charge of overseeing the operations of the reception desk, including training and managing front desk clerks, scheduling employees and handling internal issues before they need to be escalated to upper management. Front desk managers are also often called upon to handle client complaints and may assist upper management with things like report running, forecasting, process improvement and more.

Front Desk Management Qualifications and Requirements

One of the most important qualifications of a front desk management professional is experience dealing with people. This requirement can typically be satisfied by customer service coupled with management experience. Front desk managers should also have good computer skills and be familiar with various scheduling programs and applications. Education requirements generally include a bachelor’s degree, but equivalent work experience may be sufficient.

Front Office Management Duties

Unlike front desk management, a front office manager might be employed in any number of industries, though the work duties are typically the same across the board. This role entails oversight of all aspects of the front office, including filing paperwork, stocking office supplies and sometimes assisting with HR functions. A front office manager may serve as receptionist, in charge of handling phone calls, greeting clients and handling scheduling. Some managers are also asked to assist with financials, like accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.

Front Office Management Qualifications and Requirements

To excel in this role, a front office manager should have previous experience, either in the same line of work or general management in an office setting. Most office managers are required to be proficient in common office software programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe and Quickbooks (just to name a few). The preferred level of education for this role is a high school diploma and related work experience, although some employers require a certification or degree. Front office managers must be organized, professional and personable in order to keep the office running smoothly.

In the veterinary industry, there may be room for both of these roles, though smaller practices often opt for one or the other. Having someone highly qualified in front desk management skills is essential to maintaining maximum client satisfaction. A good front desk manager can also help with client conversions, upselling and more. If your receptionist or front desk team isn’t performing at their best, professional training might be the ideal solution. Contact us today to learn more about our five start targeted training program.

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