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Oct 15, 2018 6:42:24 AM / by Zuhaib

When it comes to new client appointments, not to mention appointments made by returning customers, a great greeting by your front-desk staff makes all the difference. It sets the tone for a positive interaction between client and business, making it more likely that the entire client experience is one to remember. Here are a few tips for great receptionist phone greetings:

Start With a Pleasantry

Receptionist phone greetings should always begin with a pleasant statement that greets the caller in a friendly way. “Hello” works just fine, but you can also spice things up with phrases like “good morning” or “thank you for calling.” You might even try combining more than one phrase.

A general rule of thumb for receptionist phone greetings: don’t use the customer’s name if it appears on your company’s caller ID. Clients will likely be taken off guard if the first thing they hear is, “Hello, Andrew, thank you for calling.”

State Your Company’s Name

The next step in great receptionist phone greetings is to clearly state the company’s name, immediately after the opening pleasantry. Try: “Good morning, you’ve reached XYZ Company.” This is an important step because it lets the caller know right away that they’ve reached the right place. If they’ve dialed a wrong number, the call can be ended quickly without a lot of fuss, saving you and your team precious time.

State Your Name

You’ve started with a quick pleasantry, mentioned your company’s name… now it’s time to include your own name in great receptionist phone greetings. Adding the personal touch of your own name is a critical step; no customer wants to feel like they’re taking to a robot. Once the name is introduced in your receptionist phone greetings, the call becomes a conversation between two people, not simply a business interaction.

Prompt an Action

The final step in your business’s receptionist phone greetings will be a prompt from the receptionist to the caller. “How may I help you?” works in just about every situation. This moves the interaction out of the introductory phase and into the action phase. Now, your staff will be able to hear the caller’s concerns and address them as necessary.

The final formula for your business’s receptionist phone greetings will look something like this: “Good morning, you’ve reached XYZ Company. This is Sam speaking, how can I help you today?” This kind of greeting sets the tone for a friendly, helpful interaction that goes way beyond a simple “hello.”

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