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Apr 15, 2019 4:04:58 AM / by Zuhaib

If you’re planning on creating a training manual for your reception team and aren’t interested in monetizing it, why not make it available for other reception teams to use for free? Here are four tips on creating and distributing your free receptionist training manual:

Make It General

Remember to make your free receptionist training manual general in terms of language and approach. Since reception teams across any number of fields—medical, insurance, law, business environments, and countless others—might end up using your manual, you’ll want it to be able to apply to everyone!

Accomplish this by avoiding industry-specific language; for instance, you might not want to get into insurance co-pay training, since that may not apply to all reception teams. This keeps your free receptionist training manual as general as possible.

Make It Practical

Just because your free receptionist training manual is general in nature doesn’t mean that it can’t be practical. In fact, it should be—otherwise, what use is it? Make sure to fill your manual with practical training and tips on things like:

  • Phone etiquette
  • Placing callers on hold
  • In-office requests
  • Multitasking at the front desk
  • Billing and invoicing

You’ll also want to include information on dealing with difficult customers—both in-person and over the phone—in your free receptionist training manual. This is, unfortunately, an issue that every reception team will have to face!

Distribution Ideas

Now that you’ve created your free receptionist training manual, it’s time to think about distributing it. If you’re trying to offer your manual up to other reception teams, one of the easiest ways to do it is to make the manual an online document. This could mean it becomes a cloud-based file using Google Docs, or you could turn it into an E-book manual.

If your business is able to incur printing costs, you could also go old-school and turn your free receptionist training manual into a physical document. Have it printed and bound, and then distribute it as you see fit through the mail or in person.

Copyrighting Your Work

Even though you’re not
making money off of your free receptionist training manual, it may be wise to copyright your work. That
way, your intellectual property stays secure. Try talking to an attorney or a copyright expert to find out more.Ready to get started
on your free receptionist training manual?
Use the above tips
as a general framework, and you’re well on your way to creating a dynamic document that works for a variety
of reception training needs.

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