Adding a Personalized Touch to Receptionist Responsibilities

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Jun 3, 2019 5:23:10 AM / by Zuhaib

Most front-desk employees know the ins and outs of basic receptionist responsibilities like answering phones, placing callers on hold, and greeting customers in-person at the front desk. By going above and beyond these tasks and adding a personalized touch to each and every interaction, you’ll make every client feel valued — that means they’ll return to your business again and again.

Let’s take a look at four simple ways to add a personalized touch to your team’s receptionist responsibilities.

Welcome Board

Display a welcome board in your lobby that lists the names of each upcoming client on the day’s roster. This board can be a whiteboard, bulletin board, or an electronic sign if you’re able to go high-tech. When a customer walks in and sees their name prominently displayed on the waiting list, they feel like a star — what better way to make a great first impression? Make updating the list a daily part of receptionist responsibilities.


Offering refreshments to waiting customers is another key part of advanced receptionist responsibilities. Rather than having a self-serve refreshment station with coffee, water, and snacks, receptionists can ask the customer if they would like anything, and then bring it to them in the waiting area. This level of personalized, luxurious service makes all the difference.

Toys for the Kids

Don’t forget to appeal to the younger clientele when thinking about important but often-overlooked receptionist responsibilities. If children frequent your waiting area, make sure to provide a plethora of fun toys and games. If you have the space, you can even designate an entire area for kids — it’s a great way to keep children occupied while they and their parents wait for your services.

Provide Charging Stations

In today’s plugged-in world, we need our devices charged at all times but don’t always have access to a charger or wall outlet. Have your reception team point out charging stations (or simple wall outlets if you can’t install charging stations) around your waiting room — clients will appreciate it, and it’s one of the easiest but most effective receptionist responsibilities.

These personalized touches may not seem like much, but they’ll make all the difference for your customers — it’s those small receptionist responsibilities that clients will remember. On a subconscious level, clients will associate your business with helpfulness and comfort. What better way to drive continued engagement and more booked appointments to your business?

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