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Dec 30, 2019 1:15:28 AM / by Zuhaib

How often do you hold a one-on-one meeting with your UPbook staff members? You might not think of it as an important task compared with everything else you have to do at your practice, but make no mistake — meetings are your ultimate leverage point. If you can have a short meeting with a staff member, and then that staff member goes on to do highly productive work for the next few weeks, that was a high-leverage task for you!

Let’s take a look at the ultimate one-on-one meeting framework that you can use at your UPbook organization:

Step 1: Connection

The first step is to make a personal connection with the staff member you’re meeting with. This makes it clear that this isn’t a formal review, but an honest check-in. You don’t have to delve too deep, but ask them how their family is doing, and how their position is fitting in with their personal life outside of work. You’ll be surprised at the insights you’ll receive that can impact your entire UPbook business.

Step 2: Inspiration

Now it’s time to understand your UPbook staff member’s perspective on a deeper level. Get into their headspace by asking questions like “Where do you see yourself going with this position?” and “Are you interested in taking this position in a different direction?” Now, you’re both on the same page with what the staff member really wants.

Step 3: Alignment

This stage is where your UPbook staff member’s desires and needs start to align with the overall business goals of your veterinary practice. Use discussion points like:

  • What are you focusing on at the moment?
  • What are your priorities?
  • Here’s what I’m thinking the priorities are and how you can help achieve them…

By aligning the staff member’s goals with your UPbook vet practice’s priorities, you’re making everyone happy.

Step 4: Reflection

Nothing is more counterproductive during a meeting like this than random feedback. Instead, keep a running tally during your meeting so that you can reflect on the points with your UPbook staff member right away. Ask them how they think a certain situation was handled, or how a decision impacted the business as a whole. You’ll be amazed at the kind of frank insights you get in return!

Step 5: Feedback

The final stage turns the focus to you. Ask your UPbook staff member for honest feedback on your own performance with questions like “If you were me, what would you change about the practice?” and “Do you have any feedback on how I could be a better leader?”

Your UPbook staff member will leave this meeting feeling understood, appreciated, and energized. And you’ll have a better understanding of their mindset and priorities. That makes for a high-leverage meeting that will have a real impact.

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