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Aug 6, 2018 5:12:04 AM / by Zuhaib

Upon entering a business establishment, the first person you’re likely to meet is a receptionist. They’re quite literally the face of your business, and are therefore extremely important! You might be surprised to learn that in today’s world, receptionist responsibilities extend far beyond answering the phones.

Are you asking yourself what does a front desk receptionist do? Read on to learn more.

Traditional Receptionist Responsibilities

Of course, much of what a receptionist does still revolves around “traditional” receptionist responsibilities like answering the phones, greeting customers in-person who enter your establishment, and managing appointments. Receptionists may also perform bookkeeping duties, resolve client issues or concerns, perform data entry, manage inventory, input maintenance requests… the list goes on and on!

The Proper Disposition

Another important part of receptionist responsibilities goes beyond work tasks. Having the proper disposition, even when faced with an unhappy or rude customer, is very important. The vast majority of the time, a positive, upbeat receptionist will receive the same behavior in return from the client. Even when that doesn’t happen, though, receptionists must remain professional and helpful as possible. Remember: your front desk staff serve as the face of your business at all times!

Top-Notch Organization

A key aspect of receptionist responsibilities involves organizational skills. This is important for both physical documents—invoices, charts, patient information, and the like—and computerized records. Often, the people working behind-the-scenes in a business rely heavily on the reception team’s organization to find key documents or information. Without a front-desk staff practicing essential organizational skills, a business’s processes could fall apart! It’s always a good idea to hire detail-oriented, highly organized people to join the reception team.

Digital Responsibilities

What does a front desk receptionist do when it comes to our digital world? In today’s modern businesses, phone calls and in-person client greetings are only half the battle. Email, social media threads, direct messaging… receptionists may very well interact with clients online as much as they do in person or on the phone! A contemporary job description listing receptionist responsibilities should include digital skills, especially experience with social media outlets.Clearly, receptionist responsibilities are essential to the functionality of a modern business—yours included. Understand what’s needed of your receptionists, and you’re well on the way to an organized, motivated, and effective front-desk team!

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