5 Game-Changer Strategies From 2020

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Dec 8, 2019 11:43:28 PM / by Zuhaib

2020 has come and gone. Now is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and the year ahead — where has your UPbook business succeeded? Where has it fallen short?

Let’s take a closer look at five game-changer strategies from 2020 that can help skyrocket your UPbook-enabled practice as 2021 looms ahead.

The Scheduling Coordinator

Combining the power of the UPbook platform with a dedicated scheduling coordinator — hired separately or promoted from within — is a game-changer. The scheduling coordinator is responsible for filling today’s schedule, and looking at tomorrow and two days out. It’s also their job to call future appointment holders to see if they can fill open spots TODAY. This methodology can completely transform your front desk’s efficiency!

Increasing Personal Production by 60%

Even if your UPbook veterinary practice has only two exam rooms, you can use the power of personal production to grow your business exponentially. We’ve seen practices go from 8% overall growth to 22% or more! It works like this:

  • Schedule four appointments per hour (or up to six if you have three exam rooms!)
  • Stagger those appointments, and make them 10- to 15-minute time slots rather than 20 minutes or longer
  • One Tech (or Veterinary Assistant in some cases) runs one room. This means that they write all the notes for the doctor and perform all of the actual tasks aside from the main exam. The doctor just reviews the notes and approves.

Imagine the production you can achieve if you have more than two exam rooms or more than one veterinarian. The possibilities are staggering!

Head Sets

Use headsets to communicate between the front desk and the back of the office, or between exam rooms. It can completely reinvent your UPbook business’s workflow. No more Techs or Assistants running around to find a doctor, or the front desk not knowing when patients are coming out of the exam rooms for check-out. It’s all communicated instantly as it happens!

Hiring a Veterinarian With New Job Ads

We’re all aware of how difficult it can be to find and hire a great veterinarian. But using our reimagined job ads makes it a piece of cake. With ads tailored to recently graduated DVMs, part-time DVMs, and experienced veteran DVMs, you have the emotional connection you need in your ads to reel in top talent. Your UPbook practice can’t afford to lose that!

Weekly Elite Meetings as Key Leverage Points

It’s time to re-think meetings. They’re not a waste of time — they’re your key leverage points. Your UPbook practice simply can’t function without them. The Daily Huddle is your daily pulse point, and your Weekly Elite Meetings help you manage an empire. It’s all about the organization!

Don’t wait around on these strategies. 2021 is your year to implement and see where your UPbook business goes from here!

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