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Oct 14, 2019 2:20:59 AM / by Zuhaib

Does your UPbook business have an irresistible offer in place? You can pull this offer out whenever you like — to promote a specific time or event, around a certain holiday, or simply whenever you feel like it! It’s the perfect way to stand out from the crowd, and it lets you win on price, every single time.

So what exactly is an irresistible offer? And how do you implement it at your UPbook organization? Read on to find out more.

What Makes an Offer Irresistible?

A few key characteristics mean that your UPbook business’s offers or promo is truly irresistible. They are:

  • It must WOW the customer – any limitations on the irresistible offer will limit its effectiveness…
  • It must be clear about the dollars saved – your UPbook business’s customers must know WHY it’s such a good deal…
  • It must contain built-in scarcity – make the offer limited in some way to drive it home.

With these guidelines, you can create your own tailored irresistible offer that your clients just won’t be able to pass up. Remember: everyone loves a good deal!

Do Irresistible Offers Really Work?

UPbook’s data shows that yes, irresistible offers do work. And it’s not about giving away services for almost nothing. It turns out that clients tend to spend more at your business on other services unrelated to the offers since they’ve gotten such a good deal thanks to the irresistible offers.

Most service-based business quote prices over the phone. Only about 40-50% of callers make an appointment after they’ve been given a price.

When your UPbook business doesn’t quote a price and instead pushes the irresistible offers, 85-90% of potential callers in competitive markets convert into an appointment.

The Front Desk Must Sell It

Here’s a key point to understand: the irresistible offer is only as good as your UPbook business’s front desk. That’s because it’s up to them to sell the irresistible offers and engage emotionally with the callers in order to seal the deal.

When the emotional engagement is hit hard right away and then the irresistible offer is mentioned, the caller doesn’t question whether or not it’s a good deal — it’s obvious that it is. From there, your UPbook-trained front desk team introduces scarcity to finalize the appointment.

So what do you have to lose? Implement your own version of an irresistible offer at your UPbook business and see where it takes you.

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