The Power of the Headset for Your Service-Based Business

Power of the Headset - UPbook

Aug 19, 2019 5:15:19 AM / by Zuhaib

The top players in high-service industries, like the best luxury hotels and high-end restaurants, have something in common: their employees often use headsets to communicate internally. The humble headset lets these teams provide top-notch service to their customers almost instantly, often without the customer even knowing.

Why does your UPbook business have to be any different?

Let’s take a closer look at the power of the simple headset for your service-based UPbook business.

Basic Headset Usage

When all team members on the floor are wearing a headset, the entire communication system of your UPbook business is streamlined. The reception team can announce every arrival to your business, allowing all team members to “get into position” as necessary.

When a client is done and ready to be checked out, the floor staff members can notify the front desk. By the time the client gets to your UPbook business’s reception area, the team there will already know what they need — that makes a powerful impression.

Headset Use Recommendations

Here are a few recommendations on implementing and using a headset system at your UPbook business:

  • Rather than having team members run around looking for certain equipment or a certain team member, just ask over the headset. Then, that time can be spent with your UPbook facility’s clientele instead.
  • When a team member goes on break, have them notify the entire UPbook team. When they return, they should announce it. This way, everyone stays on the same page as to who is on the floor at any given time.
  • During busy periods, a lot of chatter can build up over the network. This is where individual volume control comes in handy. A team member who is speaking directly with a client can also simply take their headset off for that brief period.
  • All members of your UPbook staff must return and charge the headsets at the end of the day. That way, they’re ready to go the following morning.

Choosing Your Headset System

The headset system that works best for your UPbook business depends on your particular needs, so choose the one that suits you best. Just make sure not to choose noise-canceling headsets — team members must be able to hear what’s going on around them!

Remember: purchasing a headset system is a one-time investment for your UPbook facility, and it will pay off tenfold. The increase in efficiency and communication means that the equipment pays for itself in no time!

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