The 5 Best Practices for Social Customer Care

Practices for Social Customer Care - UPbook

Oct 29, 2018 3:17:20 AM / by Zuhaib

Today, customer service isn’t just done in person or over the phone. Your UPbook business must practice proper social customer care—that means providing top-notch customer service on social media channels. Here are five practices that will allow your business to make the most of every online interaction:

Best Practice #1: Speed

Do your best to respond to customers via social media quickly. 42% of consumers expect a response on social media within 60 minutes of commenting! When your UPbook business gets back to a customer in a timely fashion, they feel heard and respected. Otherwise, they simply feel ignored.

Best Practice #2: Take complex situations OFFLINE

When dealing with a complex situation on social media, your best bet is to take the situation offline entirely. Airing out your dirty laundry online only makes your UPbook business look bad! Instead, encourage the customer to speak with your business in private. This way, you don’t get a lot of negative feedback, and sensitive information stays offline throughout the entire process.

Best Practice #3: Respond to ALL social media feedback

Don’t allow your UPbook business to respond to certain posts or comments, but leave others in the lurch. Even if it’s just a simple “like,” customers like to know that your business has heard them! A customer who feels ignored isn’t likely to provide repeat business.

Best Practice #4: Include a greeting and be transparent with names

Many of the same phone skills that your front-desk team learns through the UPbook program apply to social media as well. Include a friendly greeting when commenting, and sign the message with an actual name (or initials at the very least). This adds a personal touch that goes a long way. For the customer, they’ll rest assured knowing that a real person at your UPbook business noted their concerns.

Best Practice #5: Combat negative with positive

If your UPbook business gets down in the mud with a difficult customer online, no one benefits. Your business just looks bad, and it can alienate other followers. Combat negative customers with positive responses—this diffuses negativity and results in a quick solution. It also can build up loyal followers who can come to your defense online.

Is your UPbook business doing all that it can to practice great social customer care? It’s a part of the modern service industry that just can’t be ignored.

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