Signs of a Toxic Work Culture and How to Turn Things Around


Mar 18, 2019 3:52:39 AM / by Zuhaib

Are you happy and excited to start work every day at your UPbook organization? Or do you feel a sense of dread while you’re still in the parking lot? If the latter is true, your business might be suffering from a toxic culture. Here are three telltale signs of a toxic culture and what you can do to turn things around.

Lack of Positivity

A lack of positivity from supervisors and staff is the first sign of a toxic work environment. Do you feel a lighthearted, positive energy when you step through your UPbook business’s front doors, or is the atmosphere heavy and oppressive? That kind of negative energy will drain employees and decrease productivity.

Encourage a sense of positivity at your UPbook business by reminding your employees that they’re doing a great job. Recognize great work via an Employee of the Month program or “atta-boy” cards, filled out by fellow employees and read aloud at staff meetings.

Poor Communication

A lack of communication is another sign of a toxic culture at your UPbook business. Employees who work in a positive environment will communicate freely, but those that don’t will clam up for fear of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing.

Communication starts at the top — supervisors should encourage open and honest communication in all areas of your UPbook business. An open-door policy is recommended so that employees never feel like their concerns won’t be heard.

High Turnover

It’s easy to assume that a high turnover rate simply means that a lot of employees are finding better work elsewhere. Think again — in most cases, a facility with a high turnover rate is actively causing employees to seek other opportunities. Don’t let your UPbook business fall into the trap!

Work on employee-retaining efforts on a constant, consistent basis. This means regular performance reviews, steady raises, and — above all — a positive work environment in which employees feel valued and appreciated for their hard work.If your UPbook business is suffering from elements of a toxic culture, all is not lost. Almost any poor culture can be turned around — all it takes is recognition, planning, and action steps to start making real changes.

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