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Dec 24, 2018 2:43:47 AM / by Zuhaib

There are many important qualities of a great receptionist in a medical facility. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist of the most valuable skills to have? That way, you can find the best people that fit your needs exactly.

You’re in luck — here is your go-to medical receptionist skills checklist to use when hiring and training your all-star front-desk team.

Phone Etiquette

Almost all of your clients’ first interaction with your business occurs over the phone. That’s why phone etiquette is at the top of your medical receptionist skills checklist. Make sure front-desk staff is well-trained in dealing with customers over the phone, including in difficult situations.

Interpersonal Skills

Your front-desk staff members are literally the first faces your clients see when they enter your facility. Interpersonal skills training—dealing with customers and with doctors, support staff, outside vendors, and more—is another essential component of the medical receptionist skills checklist!

Multitasking Ability

There’s a lot going on at any given time at the front desk. That’s why multitasking ability is crucial for great front-desk staff, and it’s high on the medical receptionist skills checklist. The greatest receptionists can juggle multiple tasks at the same time; helping customers on the phone, managing the waiting room, and checking patients in and out are just a few examples.

Time Management

Next on the medical receptionist skills checklist: time management. Throughout the day, a great receptionist will be able to prioritize essential tasks over other duties that can be performed at leisure.


Flexibility is another key component to look for when hiring new front-desk staff members, and it’s a very important entry in our medical receptionist skills checklist. As stated above, the front desk can get very busy and hectic, and things can change on a moment’s notice. Flexibility allows staff members to go with the flow and avoid getting overwhelmed during peak business hours.


The final entry of our medical receptionist skills checklist, empathy is a trait that can’t necessarily be taught… it’s an innate quality that separates a good receptionist from an all-star. Empathy is something that will draw clients in and keep them coming back — the receptionist’s ability to empathize with the customer is an invaluable tool!

Create your own medical receptionist skills checklist based on your business’s particular needs. That way, you have an easy reference to use when hiring and training your front-desk team. It makes finding the best people easier than ever!

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