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Nov 12, 2018 5:17:47 AM / by Zuhaib

As your business grows, you’ll want a medical receptionist training manual put in place to quickly get new hires up to speed. Of course, this kind of task is easier said than done! It’s all about breaking the manual down into the specific chunks that you want receptionists to focus on.

Let’s take a look at one possible way of laying out your business’s medical receptionist training manual.

Part 1: Personal Skills

Your company’s receptionists are the face of your business—quite literally. That’s why in-person interaction is so important, and why personal skills must be included in your medical receptionist training manual. Create a section on body language; a simple smile makes all the difference at the front desk. Include a segment on dealing with difficult customers, a situation that staff are sure to run into eventually.

Part 2: Phone Etiquette

A large portion of your receptionists’ time will be spent on the phone. As such, a section on proper phone etiquette is an essential part of any medical receptionist training manual. Include reminders to always use a friendly tone; only put callers on hold when absolutely necessary, and only for a few minutes at most; and always encourage a scheduled appointment at the end of the call.

Part 3: Administrative Skills

Another part of the receptionist workflow, and therefore your medical receptionist training manual, involves administrative tasks. In addition to the basics like filing, printing, faxing, and invoicing, a medical receptionist will need to be familiar with things like insurance, co-pays, patient histories, medical records, and more. Include this information in your medical receptionist training manual, and your new hires will be starting off on the right foot every time.

Part 4: Medical Knowledge Training

Medical receptionists might pass along actual medical knowledge or advice to customers; it’s up to you how much medical training you want your receptionists to receive. Whether it’s only covering the basics or getting more involved with specific medical procedures or medications, you’re able to include this information in your medical receptionist training manual so that new hires receive the exact knowledge that you want them to know.

Remember: this is only one option for your medical receptionist training manual. Use whatever method works best for your business’s needs—it’s the best way to create an all-star front-desk team that gets results for your business day in and day out.

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