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Nov 25, 2019 9:35:59 PM / by Michael

Grooming...a great way to fill excess space within your practice, but at a certain point, grooming can become both a distraction and a poor utilization of resources.


Because grooming, while convenient for your clients, often requires a significant degree of management by your team (even if it is completely outsourced to a contracted groomer) and a significant amount of space.

Plus if your Front Desk are responsible for making the bookings, you are losing critical new and existing client callers who are looking to schedule a revenue-generating appointment.

So the first step to alleviate this bottleneck is to route your grooming calls away from the Front Desk.


Setup is relatively simple.

First, utilize a phone tree with a keypress for Grooming such as "if you are calling for Grooming please press 3".

Then route all these calls to a dedicated Grooming voicemail which would have the greeting: " Thanks so much for calling! We are really looking forward to seeing you. Please leave your contact detail, pets name, and a few times that would work for your next grooming session, and we will give you a call shortly to confirm! See you soon!"

These voicemail messages should then be emailed to either your Front Desk or another team member...

Who can follow up with these inquiries whenever they are not actively engaged in with one of your veterinary clients.

This is a similar approach to re-routing veterinary prescription refill calls, and both of these can be used together to further "off-load" you Front Desk - especially useful during peak hours.

If your veterinary phone system is more than 2 year old...

Then take advantage of UPbook to not only turn more calls into appointments, but also to receive brand new state-of-the-art phones for FREE while saving $$$$ on your current phone bill.

Just click the following link to see it in action! Click here to see the UPbook Phones platform.

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Written by Michael