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Nov 3, 2019 10:52:36 PM / by Michael

What happens when you have 2 pet owners checking out, 1 new owner comes in to pick up food, and suddenly 2 calls come in at the same time?

Chaos...poor service...frustrated clients...frustrated team members...negative reviews.

Your veterinary Front Desk has become the key constraint for your practice.

So how do you fix a constraint?

You must "off-load" the bottle neck area.

In otherwords, you must remove the non-necessary work from this area (in this case your Front Desk).

A clever method of doing this is through routing all your prescription refill calls to a specific Pharmacy voicemail box.

This pharmacy voicemail message would be for example:

"Thanks so much for calling! Just leave your name, pets name, and prescription refill request, and we will call you as soon as ready!"

Instantly you have removed the non-critical calls from the Front Desk freeing them for their important job of client service and scheduling new and existing client appointments.

This is just one of the exciting features you can do with UPbook Phones :)

If your phone system if over 2 years old, and you would like to upgrade your phones for FREE, while cutting your phone bill in half, schedule a brief demo of UPbook - the fully customized veterinary phone platform!

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Written by Michael