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Jun 11, 2018 4:52:52 AM / by Zuhaib

As a member of UPbook, your business is already maximizing its front-desk efficiency to bring in as many customers as possible. On the back end of your business, this boost must be reciprocated! There is one simple exercise that can help any UPbook member double their production—learn more below.

Perform the Exercise

All you’ll need is a pen and paper. Draw two perpendicular lines to make two columns, just as if you were making a “pros-cons” list. Label the first column “energize” and the other “drain.”

As you go throughout your day, add every task that you perform to one of the two columns. Does the task energize you, causing you to feel excited about your work and what your UPbook member business is achieving? Or, does it feel like a drain on productivity and positivity? (Note: if you don’t have a particular feeling about a task, add it to a third “neutral” section at the bottom of your list.)

Why limit the energize/drain exercise to yourself? Try having each member of your staff, or perhaps team members from a specific department (UPbook trainees make great candidates!), keep an energize/drain list throughout the week. This will allow you to see firsthand what tasks certain team members enjoy and which ones they don’t. That means you can move on to the next phase: analysis.

Analyze Patterns

By looking at all team members’ lists together, you’ll quickly be able to analyze them and find out where team members’ strengths and weaknesses are. Patterns will begin to jump out at you! Perhaps certain team members at your UPbook business enjoy close personal interaction with customers, while others prefer working alone. Maybe a team member is being under-utilized in a certain area and would thrive elsewhere.

Make the Changes

Now that you’ve seen patterns in your UPbook business’s team workflow, it’s time to implement changes to ultimately boost your production. Move staff around as necessary according to their strengths and/or preferences. This does two things: improves your business’s existing workflow to make things move more efficiently, and opens up your UPbook business’s capacity. Eventually, you’ll be able to hire on another staff member to boost your production even more!

As a member of UPbook, your business is on the cusp of skyrocketing to a new level. This simple exercise will make the journey even shorter!

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Written by Zuhaib