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Dec 18, 2017 7:01:51 AM / by Michael

You know how important it is to secure new clients on a regular basis—it’s what keeps your business expanding and your revenue stream flowing. Have you ever wondered if it’s wise to offer specials or promotions during that all-important first call? You’ll be surprised to learn that it may be essential!

Enticing the Price Shopper

Every business has to deal with price shoppers at one point or another. A price shopper is someone who calls around to all similar businesses in their area, searching for the lowest price for services regardless of quality.

Price shoppers are difficult to deal with, but one way to keep them engaged over the phone without quoting a price is by discussing a promotion or special that your business is running. If your front-desk staff caves and quotes a price over the phone, that caller will quickly be hanging up to continue his round of calls to other businesses in the area. If, however, the conversation is refocused on an irresistible offer that will ultimately save the customer money, it’s likely that you’ve gained a client!

Remember: price shoppers are looking for cheap services, even if that’s not necessarily what’s best for their situation. A price shopper likely won’t be able to resist a discounted new-customer offer, or a monthly promotion for services. What they may not realize is that they’re saving money while also getting the help they need with top-notch service—yours!

Breaking the Barrier

Once you’ve offered a special over the phone, particularly to a price shopper, you’ve broken the barrier and are now able to build a relationship with that client. That relationship is what gets the customer in the door. From there, you’re able to educate the customer and work on winning them over as a long-term client once you’re able to meet them in person.

The Non-Price Shopper

Of course, not every caller is a price shopper. For those customers who are calling not necessarily to find the cheapest option, but to have their need fulfilled with a staff and business that they trust, a promotion is the icing on the cake! When new clients see a true value in the services you’re providing, and that you’re ultimately working to save them money via promotions and specials, they’re likely to continue using your services.

Simply put, promotions are excellent tools for getting customers in your doors—they work whether a caller is shopping around for the cheapest price, or if they want the best services at a trusted establishment. Offer specials during new client calls, and you’ll see new clients turn into lifelong ones!

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Written by Michael