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Dec 19, 2017 6:50:34 AM / by Michael

If your front-desk staff quotes prices over the phone, you have a problem. Customers are viewing your business as a commodity; there’s nothing to stop them from shopping around for the lowest price for your particular service. Of course, it’s not always easy for your front-desk staff to deal with price shoppers, especially if they’re being pressed hard for a bottom-line number.Here’s the trick: talk value over price. Whatever type of service you offer, there is some measure of value built in that isn’t a monetary one. Whether it’s health, relief, convenience… your offering involves some level of emotion on the part of your customer. That’s why your services are worth much more than just a dollar amount!

It Starts With the First Call

During new client calls, especially when a price shopper calls simply wanting a quote, talking value is key. If your front-desk staff member gives a price right then and there, the conversation is over, and that customer is likely hanging up to call one of your competitors. If your staff member redirects the focus, telling the customer that they would be happy to help and then beginning to gather initial details, the conversation is already beginning to center on the value of your service to the client, not price!

Form the Relationship

As a new client call continues, the goal is to develop a relationship between the caller and your business as you gather basic information. Have your front-desk staff say things like…

We’d be thrilled to meet you!” or…

“We’re well-versed in this sort of thing… we’d be happy to help!”

As calls near their conclusions, have staff say things like…

“Mr. Jones looks forward to meeting you later this week!” and…

“All of us are looking forward to meeting you and your family this Wednesday!”

This kind of phrasing makes your staff and the business as a whole more than a service; it makes you more than a commodity. Using the client’s own name frequently in the call makes it clear to the client that your business isn’t viewing them as a simple number or time slot. Using names of your staff helps the customer connect your services with a real person, and it also makes it more likely that they’ll keep their appointment since they won’t want to waste others’ time!Talking value over price makes your service a necessity that, above all, your client trusts when it comes to fulfilling their need. After all, you can’t put a dollar amount on comfort, security, and confidence!

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