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Jul 9, 2018 4:58:47 AM / by Zuhaib

Is your UPbook member business ready to start crushing its goals, each and every time? By using the three-strategy system, you’ll be able to hit your target numbers and achieve your goals again and again! Let’s break down the process even further and look at a specific example.

Your UPbook business’s goal is this: to increase overall revenue by 15 percent by the end of next year.

Pick Three Strategies

Pick three strategies—all of them different and independent of one another—to reach that goal. Your three strategies might be:

  1. See 10 new clients per month
  2. Increase the average dollar amount of a transaction at your UPbook business by $12.00
  3. Upsell clients on premium packages or ongoing plans

Pick Three Tactics for Each Strategy

Now that you’ve chosen three strategies to help your UPbook business reach its goal of 15 percent revenue growth, you need to choose three tactics to hit each strategy. These tactics, just like the strategies themselves, must be different and independent of one another.

If your first strategy is to see 10 new clients per month, your three tactics might be:

  1. Implement a mailing program to get the word out about your UPbook business’s services
  2. Start a loyalty program to offer clients incentives for repeated business transactions
  3. Partner with at least 10 other business in a joint referral program—they refer customers to your business and vice versa

Action Steps

Using the power of redundancy and implementing all of your strategies at once—and putting multiple tactics into action to achieve each strategy—will ensure that your UPbook business’s goals will be met, each and every time. Remember to follow these steps:

  • Identify ONE goal for your UPbook business…
  • Identify three INDEPENDENT strategies to hit your goal (these must stand alone and be reasonable!)…
  • Determine three TACTICS to achieve each of the three strategies…
  • Implement to start crushing your UPbook business’s goals!

There’s no sense in wasting any more time. Select your goal, and start identifying strategies and tactics. Implement them all at the same time, and your UPbook business will experience the compounding effect that results in success. That way, you won’t just be achieving your goals—you’ll be exceeding them!

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Written by Zuhaib