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When it comes to your business’s front-desk staff, the proper medical terminology is a must-have. After all, front-desk staff members will be talking to customers more than any other member of your team, so medical receptionist terminology is essential for clear, concise communications and continued successful business. Let’s break down the different kinds of terminology your team should be familiar with.

Medical Terminology

First and foremost, basic medical terminology is imperative for receptionists to know and use. It will come into play during new-client calls, emergency calls, patient histories, and much more. A receptionist who can speak with clients using accurate medical terms will prove to be a valuable asset! Make sure your medical receptionist terminology training includes information on the basic medical components of your field.

Financial and Accounting Terminology

Another big part of a receptionist’s job involves finances and accounting. This kind of medical receptionist terminology should always be included in training packages. Receptionists will likely be expected to keep inventory records, invoicing documentation, expense reports, and much more. Without the proper knowledge and familiarity at the front desk, your workflow will falter. If your business uses specific software for accounting, consider using medical receptionist certificate programs online to train in this specialized area of medical receptionist terminology.

Insurance Terminology

Medical receptionist terminology training should also include a section that goes over insurance terminology, as this is another big part of the front-desk receptionist’s job. One must be familiar with co-payments, deductibles, claims, etc. to be able to process customers’ payments easily and correctly. For clientele, insurance is often one of the most stressful parts of receiving care—a receptionist who includes insurance terms in their arsenal of medical receptionist terminology will be a great asset for your business.

Customer Service Terminology

Don’t skip basic customer service terminology when it comes to your front desk’s medical receptionist terminology training. Phone etiquette is a must, especially if your front-desk staff will be dealing with upset, anxious, or frustrated customers—medical receptionist certificate programs online should include training on dealing with difficult clients. Remember: basic terms like “thank you,” “what can I do for you?” and “let me see what I can do for you” go a long way.

Medical receptionist terminology must not be overlooked when training or hiring front-desk staff. Just as a receptionist in the hospitality world is trained to use the proper language when serving tourists and travelers, the medical receptionist will serve customers best when he or she has a firm grasp on the necessary terminology.

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