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Dec 1, 2019 11:40:25 PM / by Zuhaib

Membership or wellness plans are a key part of your UPbook veterinary practice’s business model. Memberships allow you to better educate your clients and form close bonds with them — memberships mean that you’ll be your clients’ first choice for veterinary care, each and every time.

But when was the last time you took a look at your membership program, if you have one at all? Let’s consider a few ways to get the most out of your UPbook practice’s membership plan.

Keep It Simple

Most membership plans across a variety of industries, the veterinary world included, are just too complicated. That’s a deterrent to your clients. Keeping your UPbook business’s membership plan simple is the number-one step to making it work.

Most of the time, a two- or three-tiered structure works well — a basic, intermediate, and advanced plan, for example. But your UPbook practice can make it even simpler if you’d like to. Just offer one plan, and let customers pay extra to add more perks if they desire.

Demonstrate the Value

The next piece of the puzzle is to add value to your UPbook practice’s membership plan and demonstrate that value to your clients. Consider this example:

FREE veterinary exams for LIFE! **No activation fee if you enroll before December 31st (That’s a $51.00 savings).

Remember that many pet owners put off veterinary care until something is wrong. So, it’s up to you to get that customer in the door before something has gone awry. In the example above, the exam fee has been taken away, so that barrier is removed. Now, there is a value to your UPbook business’s membership plan that gets paying clients in the door.

Sell Your Membership Through Education

No one on your UPbook practice’s staff wants to feel like a salesperson, and your clients don’t want to feel that they’re constantly being sold to.

In the veterinary world, we want to give customers the feeling that they’re doing something great for their pet, which they are. Part of the job of your UPbook-trained front desk staff is to convince pet owners to take action. Signing up for a membership is part of that education.

Connecting emotionally with the client is the key when it comes to selling memberships — remember, your UPbook business’s clients make decisions not as consumers, but as people.

Take a moment to consider the membership plan at your UPbook veterinary practice. We’re willing to bet it would benefit from a second look. Then you can get down to the business of providing the excellent quality and value that your practice is known for.

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