5 Ways to Revolutionize Your Business’s Appointment Scheduling

Revolutionize Your Business’s Appointment Scheduling - UPbook

Jun 10, 2019 6:32:36 AM / by Zuhaib

We talk over and over about how clients are the lifeblood of your business—without them, your UPbook organization would have no source of revenue. We don’t talk enough, though, about scheduling those clients effectively and efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look at five ways you can revolutionize your UPbook business’s appointment scheduling:

Scheduling Coordinator

Hire or promote a dedicated scheduling coordinator. This person will be completely in charge of your UPbook business’s schedule; they’re responsible for filling today’s schedule,but also looking at tomorrow, two days out, and the remainder of the week.

This person can call future appointment holders to offer open spots, i.e. “I know you’re scheduled for Friday, but we have an opening this afternoon at 2:00. I wondered if you could make it.” This approach can transform your UPbook business’s efficiency!

Schedule to Production

Create a daily production goal, either in a dollar amount or points. Then, have your UPbook organization’s scheduling team place calls and fill spots with that goal in mind. This prevents random booking and instead refocuses your team on a concrete goal—then, they have that much more incentive to secure new clients and follow up with missed ones.

Forward Booking

Have your team forward-book each and every one of your UPbook business’s clients, each and every time. This means booking them for their next appointment before they’ve left your office. Make sure you have a solid reminder system in place to remind the client of their forward-booked appointment a few days prior; if the client doesn’t confirm, consider it an open time slot.

Chain Booking

Chain booking means linking appointments next to each other, one after the other, rather than dotting them randomly throughout the day’s schedule. This means that there aren’t half-hour increments that go to waste; instead, your UPbook team might have an entire two hours free in the afternoon, and that time can be used for a variety of good causes: cleaning, continuing education, bookkeeping, etc.

Short Time Slots

Consider shortening the time slots that your UPbook business spends on each client. Even minimizing your current appointment time by 10 minutes can make a huge difference when that number is multiplied by all the appointments you see per day. Shorter time increments can then be adjusted as needed for each individual client, without making anyone wait too long.

Your UPbook organization’s client schedule is the backbone of your entire business. Schedule effectively, efficiently, and with concrete goals in mind, and you’re maximizing the potential of your schedule to benefit your bottom line!

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