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Jan 5, 2021 12:49:37 PM / by Michael

The more patients you acquire, the more you’ll thrive in your medical practice.

But unfortunately, acquiring more medical patients can be challenging at times.

Luckily, there are proven healthcare marketing strategies that can keep your schedule filled with numerous patients.

Along with acquiring new patients, you’ll also discover how to retain them using these five steps.

Step #1. Get clear on your Unique Selling Proposition

Identifying what separates you from your competitors is critical for acquiring more patients.

How? Because your USP allows you to stand out, which helps you attract more attention to your medical practice.

So, what is your USP? Take some time and think about it.

Maybe you offer more medical experience. Perhaps you provide faster and higher quality services. Or maybe you include additional services with your practice. Etc.

The more USP’s you come up with, the more patients you’ll attract long-term.

Once you identify your USP, use it to promote your medical practice in your marketing material. This primarily includes your website and ads.

Step #2. Optimize your website

Believe it or not, the quality of your website is a significant component for acquiring medical patients. Therefore, you must continuously update and optimize it.

For starters, you want your USP to be as transparent as possible. Ideally, you want it to be the first thing your patients read once they land on your Home page.

To add, your website should include a superior design, testimonials/ reviews, your biography, social media links, and a clear call-to-action.

Last but not least, add high-quality content using blogs or videos. Content Marketing is a powerful approach to building relationships, which helps you attract more long-term patients.

Also, keep in mind that consistently adding content is critical for Content Marketing success.

Step #3. Use Google Ads

Since Google is the #1 global search engine, it only makes sense to market your practice on their platform.

By doing so, you’ll quickly attract more patients compared to other advertising platforms.

However, the key is to use Google ads correctly, so you can acquire patients without throwing money down the drain.

When it comes to creating successful Google ads, here are a few simple things to keep in mind:

  • Targeted keywords. Aim for keywords that have a medium-high search volume and low-mid level competition.
  • Google ads copy. Instead of selling your practice, offer something for free in your ad copy. As a medical provider, this would generally be a free consultation. Be sure to include the keywords in your headline and description -- while emotionally describing the outcome your prospects are seeking.
  • Clear Call-To-Action. Be specific about what you want your patients to do. Perhaps it’s booking a call to schedule an appointment. Or, it could be visiting your website to schedule a consultation. Make your CTA as clear as possible.

Another HUGE key to Google ad success is tracking and monitoring your performance.

Consider doing some A/B testing, so you can accurately measure what’s giving you the best return.

The more you test and optimize your Google ads, the more money you’ll save on ad costs and the more patients you can acquire.

#4. Word of mouth

As you start reeling-in patients, don’t be afraid to nudge them on offering a word about your medical practice. Because chances are, they have a family member or friend that could use the same medical procedure.

Going beyond their expectations is key to successful word-of-mouth. If you perform above-average medical procedures while providing a phenomenal experience, then your patients will naturally be motivated to give you a referral.

Once you complete the medical procedure, give them a brochure or business card to use as a referral. Also, don’t forget to include a beverage or snack, which adds the icing on the cake.

#5. Front Desk Performance

If you’re still not bringing in patients, then maybe it’s not all of your fault.

Because believe it or not, you generate a massive chunk of patients from your receptionist. In other words, your patient base is a reflection of your front desk’s performance.

Even if you’re getting a ton of calls from your website and ads, it doesn’t matter if your front desk isn’t drawing them in.

That’s why, if you take anything from this read, always improve and monitor their performance. The better your front desk performs, the more patients you’ll get continuously.

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