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Sep 23, 2019 1:24:22 AM / by Zuhaib

Emotionally engaging with customers over the Front Desk phone is an invaluable part of your UPbook business’s success. It’s not enough for clients to simply have a need, then have it filled — that doesn’t leave any guarantee of repeat business. In order to secure a customer for life, they need to be bonded with your business from the start.

Let’s take a closer look at three front-desk scenarios that your UPbook business can use to its advantage when it comes to customer engagement.

Avoid Bad Service

Consider this scenario:

Caller: Hi, I need to make an appointment… I’m worried about [X] and would like to get it figured out as soon as I can.

Front Desk: We close in 5 minutes.

It goes without saying that the client caller did not receive the answer they were looking for. Undoubtedly, their money went to a competitor. Your UPbook business can use the emotional part of the call — the fact that the caller was worried — to its advantage.

Try: I hear your concern, I can tell you’re worried. We’d be happy to help. I’m closing up soon, so let me give you some basic details now and then call you back first thing tomorrow. Is that okay?

Dealing With Price Shoppers

Unless your UPbook business’s front desk has been specifically authorized to give out prices over the phone, you’ll need some tools to deal with price shoppers. Here’s the approach to take:

Caller: Hello, what would the cost be for [X]?

Front Desk: I’d be happy to help. Have you been to our office before?

Caller: No.

Front Desk: Let me ask you a few questions first to get you into our system. After that, I might be able to give you a more detailed price figure, but we may need to see you first for an exact cost. How does that sound?

Now that the emotional connection has been made, the call is much more likely to end in an appointment.

How to Feel Sincere

Many front-desk employees — including many UPbook members — complain of feeling insincere or fake during new-client calls, especially when using the methods above to try and secure an appointment. How do you combat this?

Train your UPbook front-desk staff to let their natural passion shine through. They’re people-lovers, and when that comes through over the phone, it’s not being insincere. The other trick is to avoid rushing — this makes a big difference in the caller feeling truly valued.

Remember: engaged customers show up, spend more money, and come back — that’s a valuable combination for your UPbook business. Implement these tactics right away, and watch how the front desk continues to contribute great things to your business.

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