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Jul 29, 2019 2:02:50 AM / by Zuhaib

Is your salon looking to hire a new receptionist? Remember that this person will serve as the face of your business — they’re the first point of contact that customers have with your facility, whether it’s in person or over the phone. That’s why making the best choice is so important.

Make sure your new employee has the qualities necessary to keep your salon thriving. Here is the definitive salon receptionist duties checklist:

Securing Appointments Over the Phone

Item number one on the salon receptionist duties checklist is always securing appointments via the telephone. Whenever someone calls, whether they have a simple question or are looking to move their next appointment, the receptionist must make it his or her top priority to get an appointment secured. That ensures continued business, week in and week out.

Try researching online to find a few receptionist script samples. These can be a huge help when training receptionists to secure appointments.

Greeting Customers

Of course, much of your receptionist’s time will be spent greeting customers face-to-face as they enter your doors. That’s why offering a great greeting, each and every time, is the next item on our salon receptionist duties checklist. Your receptionist should always be pleasant and friendly; they can’t be someone who gets easily overwhelmed.

You might even include offering waiting-room refreshments, like water and a light snack, as a part of your salon receptionist duties checklist. Small efforts like this make a huge difference. Certain receptionist script samples might even include this kind of language.

Monitoring the Waiting Room

Sometimes, your salon will get busy. That’s why keeping an eye on the waiting room and the customers in it is an indispensable item on our salon receptionist duties checklist. Making sure customers aren’t getting frustrated, and offering them help if they do, is key. When the receptionist keeps a calm, collected demeanor, everyone else will, too.

Managing the Appointment Calendar

Last but not least on our salon duties receptionist checklist is the task of successfully managing your salon’s busy appointment calendar. Customers change appointment times, need to cancel, don’t show up… being able to keep up and make sure the calendar is accurate and current is an important skill.

Choosing the best receptionist for your salon is never an easy task. Don’t give up, because the perfect candidate is out there! Use this salon receptionist duties checklist to narrow down your top choices and make a selection — your business will be better off because of your efforts.

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