Identifying and Eliminating Your Business’s One Constraint

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Jun 18, 2018 4:50:45 AM / by Zuhaib

When it comes to your UPbook business’s production, things can always be improved. Remember: there is always one constraint that is holding you back! It’s up to you to identify that constraint and continue moving on, eliminating constraints as you progress, in order to keep your operation thriving! Here are four quick steps to follow to eliminate your UPbook business’s one constraint:

Identify the Constraint

First, you’ll have to find out what the one factor is that is holding back your business’s production. It can be difficult to narrow it down to just one thing, but do your best! The constraint could be anything from an underperforming front desk—which could be turned around by the power of UPbook!—to a glitch in a computer system. Once you’ve identified this single constraint, you’re on the path to fixing the problem.

Identify the Reasons

Think about what factors within your client’s experience or your business workflow led to the constraint that’s now holding your UPbook business back from its full potential. Remember that constraints are also often referred to as bottlenecks… where does your business’s flow bottleneck? Now that you’ve zeroed in on the problem and what caused it, it’s time to make changes.

Implement Changes

Implement the changes necessary to “unclog” the bottleneck that’s holding back your business. Training via the UPbook program can skyrocket a front desk team’s performance, resulting in a drastic jump in booked appointments. Updated machinery can streamline workflow behind-the-scenes, or a different position for a key staff member who is burnt-out can revitalize your team’s morale and overall performance.

Remember to be patient when it comes to making changes. For some UPbook member businesses, changes won’t have their desired effect overnight—it may take weeks or months!


Your UPbook business’s production may not double the instant you eliminate your first constraint—that’s why it’s up to you to keep things going, faster and faster, until all barriers to your ultimate success are out of the way! Repeat the above processes to continue eliminating your business’s bottlenecks.

Don’t let production and profitability stagnate because of constraints that are easily eliminated. You’re already maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your front-desk team thanks to the UPbook program… why not improve other areas of your business’s operations as well? Don’t waste any time eliminating the constraints that are holding you back!

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